Primal Instincts 1

152 pages

cover art by Suzan Lovett

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Available From:  Asbestos Press & CrowRow Productions


Birthdays Rules ....1
by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy

Last Request ....65
by Tiger Tyger

Intimations of Intent ....74
by Rosemary Callahan

Mother Knows Best ....93
by Rosemary Callahan

Walking the Wire ....110
by Tiger Tyger


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Observations of a Slash Slut:

The Primal Instincts 'zines have long been a favorite of mine. The characterization of Blair is one which never fails to turn me to mush. Words like fey, small, slender, and frail are used quite often in describing Blair, but I happen to really *like* it! I like "big, tough Ellison" protecting his little guppy. And in spite of the fact that's not really true canon Blair, as we have seen he's quite capable, I do enjoy seeing an emotionally needful Blair. I guess it's because Blair owies, whether mental or physical, give us an opportunity for Blessed Protector Jim! Yum! That said, I've read these stories over and over and they all remain some of my favs in this fandom. Just a note, the second and third PI 'zines, which are written in later seasons, obviously, do not lean so much towards the "femme" Blair characterization. I guess because there was much more canon to draw from. Still, I love all four PI 'zines dearly. Emotional!Blair/Primal!Jim are just really hot buttons for me! :-)

All the stories in this 'zine are first-times, with the exception of the pre-slash stories, Imitations Of Intent and it's continuation, Mother Knows Best.

Birthday Rules is really wonderful. Jim discovers Blair's birthday is a week away and realizes what a jerk he's been at having never acknowledged it before. He sets out to give Blair the perfect birthday.

Last Request finds our guys pinned down in a shoot-out. It doesn't look good for them, so Blair figures "what the hell" if they're gonna die he may as well make a last request! Hee. Imagine his chagrin when they make it out alive!

In Imitations Of Intent and Mother Knows Best Jim tries to show Blair that he is welcome in his home. Jim has a few issues with the life-style Naomi chose for Blair and herself. Gee, I make it sound boring, but it's a great set of pre-slash stories! Very smarmy! I call these stories pre-slash because there is no sex, but I may be using the term incorrectly as it is made clear both guys are *in* love with each other. It's all done but the lubing....

Walking The Wire.... oh god, I just cry and cry over this one every time. Blair is hurt, but that's only the beginning of his problems. Things start to fall apart between he and the Tough Guy. Jim thinks he is letting Blair have the life he wants so he turns a blind eye to the fact that things aren't going well for Blair at all. It's definitely a five hanky story!

I want to mention the cover artist, Suzan Lovett. This lady produces some of the best slash art it's been my pleasure to view and own. She paints in many fandoms, and you can see her work and buy it online at Partners R More.

Don't Take My Word For It!:

Thanks so much Patt, for the great review!

Patt's Review:

Primal Instincts 1
Review by Ramblin Rose

Cover done by Suzan Lovett
This cover was gorgeous. I kid you not, I just sat and stared at that for a long while. This woman is one of greats of Zine art. This is how good it is. My 26 year old son keep walking through the room and would say, "Geeze, Mom, could you put something over that damn cover?" I said to him, "Could you leave me alone and go somewhere else? Like next door?" Then my hubby took his turn a few times and they both finally gave up. Then hubby finally looked closely at it and said, "It is good, I just don't want to stare at Jim's ass." God, I about fell out of my chair. First, I fell out of the computer chair. Now it's the damn recliner. Hee hee. Okay, back to the review. (Now you know why I go by Ramblin Rose.) It's a beautiful cover. I have three more to review, but I'm a slow reader. I also have to stare at the art for a good long time before I move on. Oh yeah.

Birthday Rules
by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy
This has to be one of the sweetest and saddest stories I've read in ages. I felt like I was watching as Jim became aware of someone that was the most important person in his life. It shocked the hell out of both men.

Jim's way of making up for the past was wonderful. There is a line where Jim says that explains everything:
Giving to Blair had to be the singularly most enjoyable thing in the world.
end snip

Watching Jim realize it's okay to love was great. Blair finding out he is worthy of such love left me in awe of this writer.

This was a hot, sexy, fun, sad, informative and all out great read. I'm so glad that I read this zine. I'm not familiar with this writer and plan to be more acquainted with her as time goes on. She's fabulous.

Last Request
by Tiger Tyger
Boy, this was a short, hot sexy and sweet first time story. It had one of my favorite things in it, which is the "69" position. Oh yeah. I read this one twice. Hee hee.

Nothing like thinking your not going to make it through something, making you say or do something you never had the nerve to do before.

It was too short. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. I loved it.

Intimations of Intent
by Rosemary Callahan
Oh man, I love these types of stories. It starts out with Blair saving Jim's life followed by Blair being bullied in the PD locker room.

A full-blown Jim, in sentinel mode comes into play, needing to protect his tribe. On the other hand, shall we just say, Blair?

Jim doesn't know what to do with his feelings. In addition, Rosemary draws us into the world of Ellison and makes us never want to leave.

The ending was very abrupt and quite sad. However, I saw the next story was a sequel and did a little snoopy dance around the living room. I kid you not, my husband thinks, I've totally lost it.

Happy Day. This is a great read also.

Mother Knows Best
Sequel to Intimations of Intent by Rosemary Callahan
We get to see Naomi interact with Jim. It's wonderful. She seems more open with Jim than she is with Blair.

I loved hearing them talk their talk. When Blair decided what he really wanted, I was doing the snoopy dance again. (Yes, I do the snoopy dance a lot around here.)

I have one small complaint about this; it was over to damn soon. I had a wonderful time reading both of Rosemary's stories. Again, I'm not that familiar with many writers yet. Therefore, this has been such a thrill reading these new people and finding out how much I adore them. I always tell Alyjude she's an easy read, well so is Rosemary. Thanks, R.

Walking The Wire
by Tiger Tyger
Blair is in a hospital bed. He has thwarted a robbery attempt and took a bullet with Jim's name on it. Then we get to see a guilty Jim, which is one of my favorite things. This takes place after the Borneo trip being turned down.

Jim gets a first hand look at Naomi's neglect of even an adult Blair. I was so sad in these parts of the story. For both Mother and Child.

Right before Blair is discharged from the hospital he finds out his university insurance won't pay while he was with Jim. Even though they weren't on duty. They won't pay for his surgery or his hospital stay. There isn't enough money for all of Blair's bills so he must take food out of his own mouth. I was so upset while reading this.

Jim has to go to Quantico, for reasons I won't go in to. When he gets back, Blair has moved out of the loft and left a note.

Watching Simon referee Jim and Blair, the following workday cracked me up. Actually, it helped bring some of the sadness and gravity away from the story for a short time, so you can just relax a little bit. Well, at least I think so anyhow.

Jim finds out about Blair starving himself and why and talks to Blair and Simon. Things are discussed and decisions made.

I love first time stories. At first, I wondered if this was going to be one. Sure enough, it came late in the story, but Tiger made up for the wait. Protective Jim is playing in this story big time. I love Protective Jim.

The sex is very hot and left me panting and wishing there were more pages to read. Can't wait to read some more of Tiger's things too.

Thank you to everyone that wrote in this zine. It was a treat for me to read and enjoy. Thank you to all of you for putting up with my wordy reviews that probably doesn't help sell anyone on anything. You know I always think I'm giving away too much while I do these. I just like to keep everyone wanting to check these out themselves. I think it might work.

Why you should buy this 'zine:

This set of 'zines are a true Sentinel slashers delight! Hurt/comfort. Happy endings. LOVE! The covers are professional works of art, and the stories are perfect.

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