Primal Instincts 2

186 pages

cover art by Suzan Lovett

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Available From:  Asbestos Press & CrowRow Productions


Free Falling ....1
by Rosemary Callahan

Halftime Festivities ....84
by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy

When Angels Weep ....96
by Tiger Tyger


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Observations of a Slash Slut:

Three more beautiful love stories featuring our two favorite guys. Great Primal!Jim action in the first story! :-) This 'zine features a great combination of stories. Each very different, yet I just adore each one. The first gives us that Insecure!Blair/Blessed Protector!Jim combo that just melts me into a puddle of goo! The second it a darling bit of humor; I think Blair had a plan! Hee. And the third is Jim owies/angst. A wonderfully long story to end the 'zine.

Free Falling is a hot first-time story. This takes place right after the episode Flight. Jim decides that if Blair is going to be his partner he needs to learn certain sidekick things, like parachuting! They head out for a weekend at a friend's airfield but run into several problems, including a fellow with a jones for Blair. I love this story for its Primal Sentinel/Blessed Protector Jim.

Halftime Festivities is a much needed humorous interlude between the previous angsty story and the following one. An established couple story in which Blair decides Jim needs to teach him the finer points of football so that they can enjoy this activity together. Poor Jim. It's a good thing they have lots of beer handy. I just have to share a sample of what you can look forward to:

"But isn't punting kicking the ball to the other team?"
"So isn't that the same as losing the ball too?"
"Yeah, but you hope you get better field position."
"So after three downs, if you don't get the first down, you kick the ball to the other team."
"Sounds kind of like a sore losing type of thing working there."

Hee! Great story and it gets even better when Jim decides a hands-on demonstration would work better.

When Angels Weep is a first-time, very angsty story. Jim helps chaperone a group of kids on a camping trip, but they are caught in a mud-slide. Jim has to help find the surviving children and overcome the loss of those he couldn't save. Sniff.

As always, I want to make a special mention of Suzan Lovett's art, because she is just the cat's meow when it comes to TS (or any!) slash art. You can see her work at her site, Partners R More.

But Don't Take My Word For It!:

Angie's Review:

This is a medium length zine that only has three stories in it, but they're by my faves, Tiger Tyger, Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy, and Rosemary Callahan.

First up is Rosemary Callahan's Free Falling. This is a sweet first time story set with Blair taking skydiving lessons (yes, you heard me right) with Jim. There's a blast from the past in there too, guaranteed to make you want to kill him on sight. Good story!

Gloria wrote Halftime Festivities. I can sympathize with Blair on this one, as Jim tries to explain football to him. Unsuccessfully. That's all right, though. They get some practice in something a lot more important, and fun, than football.

When Angels Weep by Tiger Tyger. I didn't love this one as much as I loved No Intent, merely because I'm not as much into Jim!Angst, but this is still a killer story centering on Jim's guilt when he and a group of schoolchildren are in a mudslide after a flash flood in the mountains. Jimbabes everywhere are going to love this one.

One other thing of note about this zine. The cover art is absolutely adorable, and I have to include a plug for the artist here. Go to Susan Lovetts website, and look at her painting, "Aloft" I have never seen such a powerful piece of work. She does the covers for all the Primal Instincts zines, and I think they are all gorgeous!

And Patt's Review:
(this 'zine is so great everyone wants to talk about it!) :-)

Primal Instincts 2
Review by Ramblin Rose

Another cover piece of artwork by Suzane Lovett. Quite different than most of the works Iíve seen by her. Precious. Anyone would be happy to add this to their collection.

Free Falling
By Rosemary Callahan
Oh man, Jimís talking Blair into taking lessons at the drop zone. Talk about nervous. I have a terrible fear of heights, and Rosemary is so good she had me sweating this one out big time. I hoped to learn a bunch from this to make me want to learn to jump myself. NOT!

Bumper sticker in the parking lot of the drop zone:
Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good plane? Because the door was open. Jump.
end snip

I loved this. Blair is right on the verge of a nervous breakdown. However, we know Jim wonít let him.

The flirting in the hanger is past darling. Loved it. Then Jim meets an old friend of Blairís. Jim hasnít really told Blair how he feels but he knows he has competition. The competition is a jerk to boot.

We have a Blair that is so unsure of himself it is heartbreaking.

The mating trail they both have to walk through and over are something a person canít get out of their heads.

I really love first time stories and this is a great one. It was a seriously hot first time. It went on for a long time. Hot damn, just the way I love them.

A very good, easy and fun read.

Thanks, Rosemary.

Halftime Festivities
By Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy
Iíve been reading this story to my hubby off and on all evening long. We were both just howling. Mind you, my hubby isnít into slash, but said this one was a truly fun one and it didnít bother him to listen to it.

This is one of the funniest stories Iíve read in ages. I love football. Many of the questions Blair asked I asked my hubby when I was learning the game. OH hell, who am I kidding? I still ask some of those questions.

When the light bulb went on over Jimís head, that reminded him of what was most important in his life, I just melted. This is a very sweet and sexy Jim. Totally loved him.

I will never watch a football game in the same way again. Hot, very hot. A fun, fast and sexy read.

Thanks, Gloria.

When Angels Weep
By Tiger Tyger
After a grueling undercover assignment, an exhausted Jim Ellison half-heartedly agrees to go on a hiking trip with an officer friend of his. Theyíll be taking 10 children along with them.

A rainstorm hits and a mudslide hits taking 4 of the hikers with it. The guilt Jim is carrying is so overwhelming; Jim doesnít even know what to do.

Jim goes back up to the mountain with the rescue crew to find the four that were buried and finds the little girl alive. Still heartbroken, but very happy to see the little precious girl alive, Jim doesnít know what the hell heís supposed to be feeling.

This story is so heartrending. We watch as Jim pulls away from Blair and all that is important to him. I had to stop reading now and then, to rest my poor broken heart. Tiger tells this tale a little too well sometimes.

The scene with all of the survivors at the funeral was heartbreaking. Yet, it was wonderful seeing how Jim had bonded with those children. It was also understandable how the parents of the children that died felt, but liked seeing the ones of the surviving children too. This part was so well written. The whole story is, but especially this part.

Simon calls in a psychiatrist friend of Jimís to help Jim. Heís having terrible nightmares. Jim also has to deal with his new feelings for Blair. The therapy Jim and the doctor go through is moving. Itís so wonderfully written that you canít put it down by this point. Remember halfway through I said I had to set it down from time to time. Well, about ĺ into this story, you get over that and realize that you need to get this done with. I stayed up half the night reading.

This is a definite keeper. I loved how everything was asked, answered and ended. A great read.

Thanks, Tiger.

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