Primal Instincts 3

146 pages

cover art Suzan Lovett

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Available From: Asbetos Press and CrowRow Productions


Clarifications ....1
by Candy Apple

Fire and Flames ....11
by Tiger Tyger

A Quiet Evening At Home ....23
byGloria Ruggeri-Sandy

In the Jungles of Peru ....36
by Ro VanGlo

Of Weddings and Revelations ....38
by Mickey M

Takedown ....54
by Tiger Tyger

Practice Makes Perfect ....66
by Rosemary Callahan


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Observations of a Slash Slut:

This is my favorite of the Primal Instincts 'zines. Several stories are of that "perfect" length. Almost all first time, and each just like I like to see our guys. If you can only get one Primal Instinct 'zine (I'll pray for you... ) then, IMHO, this is the one to pick!

Clarifications by Candy Apple
A wonderful (of course) contribution! This is a first time story set, I believe, around the Sweet Science ep.

After receiving reassurance from Simon of his place in the world of cops, Blair seeks the same from Jim. Jim's a little more stubborn than Simon in this respect, but finally admits not only his appreciation of Blair's presence in his life but that he is, in fact, in love with him.

The guys decide to share their newly admitted love for each other at an out of town Inn where they proceed have an intimate dinner followed up by dessert al la Blair! Yum.

Fire and Flames by Tiger Tyger
First time with some minor Jim & Blair owies! Angst! Wonderful story.

After a close brush with death the guys spend the night indulging in life affirming activities.
(translation: sex!).

The next morning, however, Jim has negative reactions to their night spent together. Not able to accept the word "gay" and "James Ellison" in the same sentence, Jim denies the feelings between them.

This is a really nice Pushy!Blair story.

A Quiet Evening at Home by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy
Perfect winter story. Because it's so damn H-O-T! An established couple story which brings new meaning to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Gratuitous use of the kitchen table and, well, dinner. Probably one of the looongest sex scenes in the fandom, yet - in spite of my own use of the word - not at all gratuitous. A beautiful story in which our guy's love and passion is expressed through physical actions. Damn but our guys reeeealy love each other! Hee. One of the hottest rimming scenes I've read, too. Very nice story.

In the Jungles Of Peru by RoVanGlo
Poetry. Very cute take on the "In the jungles of Peru..." line heard at the beginning of the Sentinel eps.

Of Weddings and Revelations by Kim Gasper
First time! Jim receives and invitation to Carolyn's wedding in San Francisco. Since the invitation reads, "...and guest..." well, Jim brings a guest! The re-marriage of Jim's ex-wife is the catalyst which brings Jim to reflect on what he wants and who he wants. Blair does a little introspection of his own.

Takedown by Tiger Tyger
First time! Great story, this!

Not wanting to blow Jim's cover, which has taken weeks to establish, a plan is devised where Blair will meet Jim under the guise of "lover" giving Jim a chance to pass on pertinent information to Simon.

They meet in a parking lot and, because they are being watched, "pretend" to have sex. Hee.

After the bust goes down and Jim and Blair are back to their normal routine, they proceed to ignore what happened, each thinking the other probably just thought it was an "in the line of duty" thing. Silly boys.

Not a terribly original plot (like there are any left...), but the writing is so wonderful I'd swear I'd never read the "undercover as gay guys" plot before! Well done.

Practice Makes Perfect by Rosemary Callahan
Wonderful first time with a very interesting plot. How *would* a Sentinel be able to handle sex with heightened senses? Not well apparently.

After Jim returns early from a failed date, Blair tenaciously questions him and learns he hasn't been able to avoid a zone-out during sex since coming "on-line". Blair, being the good little guide he is, offers to help. ;-)

Jim is reluctant at first but, after conceding that Guides know best, allows Blair to help him overcome his problem.

Once again Suzan Lovett's beautiful work graces the cover of a 'zine. Between the class-act authors and beautiful color covers, the Primal Instincts 'zines are a joy to own and a treasure to keep.

If you don't believe me, take a look at Suzan's work at Partners R More. Happy drooling!

Don't Take My Word For It!:

Patt's Review:

Primal Instincts 3 Review
Ramblin Rose

Ready for more Ramblin? Tough.

The cover art by Suzan Lovett is not only beautiful, but also very sexy. It is one of my favorites. (Okay, I love them all, but still, itís super nice.) I could go on and on about it, but why not just buy the zine and see for yourself.

By Candy Apple

Blair wants to know how Jim feels about him in his life. Leave it to Blair to just come right out and say whatís on his mind.

ďThe other day, in Simonís office, was the first time I knew where I stood with either one of you.Ē Blair tossed the napkin heíd been twisting mercilessly on top of his discarded salad.

ďI would have thought it would be kind of obvious that I was more than tolerating you. What are you looking for here, Chief? Candy and flowers?Ē
end snip

This is how much of the story is. Great writing, I just loved it. Once they profess how they feel about one another, it is just so damned sweet.

This is a very charming and thoughtful first time story. Candy Apple will not leave anyone unhappy with this. Oh Candy, can I bitch about one thing? It was too damn short. (Pushy damn fans.)

Thank you, Candy.

Fire and Flames
By Tiger Tyger

The story starts out with Jim and Blair in a 3-story building housing Senior Citizens. They were being used in an extortion racket for their Social Security Checks.

Jim almost loses Blair in the fire.

Tiger writes a very good and confused Jim. He makes love to Blair then wants to just forget it happened. He blames it on the fire scare. Now Blair just needs to teach him who is the boss.

Holey Moley, Batgirl. I had to turn the damn fan on. Woo hoo. This is one hot story.

Jim only wants to be loved and not left. Blair will show him how itís done. Hot damn, but this was good. No one will be disappointed in this story. A very good read.

Thank you, Tiger.

A Quiet Evening At Home
By Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy

Slight warning: there is some butt smacking in a short part of the story. I just like to warn folks up front. This squicks some folks and donít want anyone yelling at me later. I myself, had to turn that damn fan back on. Itís so slight and hardly even worth mentioning. However, donít want to get in trouble, you know?

Jim is exhausted and calls to tell his lover, Blair, he needs serious downtime. His lover is setting things up for dinner when Jim comes home.

Now the description by Jim, of what Blair is wearing is so sweet and worth reading for that alone.

Jim gave his lover a long, appraising look. Ostensibly, there wasnít anything amiss. Sandburg stood before him in jeans and a sweatshirt, curls still slightly damp from their time in the shower. But upon closer perusal, Jim felt his heart skip a beat as he took in Blairís appearance. The sweatshirt was that sweatshirtÖthe worn, powder blue one that Blair had confiscated from Jimís own drawer the morning after a particularly spectacular love making sessionÖthe one that made his eyes shine like sapphiresÖthe one that wrapped loosely around his body in a fashion that always made Jim picture his own arms inside the sleeves, hugging around Blair in territorial possessiveness.
end snip

This just gives you an idea. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the descriptive fun. Jim tells him it wonít do any good. Blair canít raise the dead. I was howling when I read that. (We know his Blair donít we?)

Gloria is very evil to poor Jim. Now Blair is humming while heís cooking. ďIím too sexy for my shirt.Ē Again, Iím howling. Hubby is starting with the damn dirty looks. (If you must know, I told him to get a grip.)

All right Gloria. I keep laughing and heís trying to watch that damn movie. Heís going to ask for your addy soon and tell you to write something dark. I wonít give it to him. Your secret is safe with me.

We are talking super hot sex here. Now the hubby is saying he needs to send off a thank you note. I guess I should put another warning here. Make sure youíre not alone when you read this story. Itís too good to waste on just yourself.

Tongue fucking is so hot, but this was fucking boiling. Jimís been on stakeout for five days, these boys are warm for each otherís form.

A quiet evening at home my ass. I think I heard Blair say this in my sleep last night. Hee Hee.

Thank you so much, Gloria.

In The Jungles of Peru
By Ro VanGlo

This is a humorous poem about the size and stamina of Jimís pecker. Iíve written a little poem back to Ro to show my appreciation. Hope I donít offend anyone. Like other poets. Hee. Hee.

Ode To Ro
by Ramblin Rose
A fine pecker is had by our man Jim.
If heís not good, heíll go and lose him.
My hubbies voice did holler and boom.
ďI think you need your own reading room.Ē
Iím laughing hard, as Jim is left with a nub.
Poor, poor Jim. He needs a nice soft rub.
Giggling now, giggling later both me and you.
Pray this doesnít happen to our hubbies too.
What fun this was, thank you, Miss Ro.
Now off to read the next story, I must go.

Of Weddings and Revelations
by Kim Gasper

Hi Kim.

Carolyn is getting married in San Francisco. She invites Jim and a guest for this occasion. Jim asks Blair to go with him. Do I need to mention that Jim is wild about Blair? I didnít think so.

Jimís imagination is working overtime. Oh, how I love when the boys try to pretend they donít want to fuck each other senseless.

Carolyn invites only Jim to the dinner the night before the wedding. Jim realizes theyíd have to talk about a relationship between them when he gets back to the room. He gets back to the room and Blair is nowhere to be found. What does our Jim do? He hunts that Blair babe down. Oh yeah.

The scene in the bar is a riot. I donít want to tell everyone because I feel like I already rambled on about too much as it is. (Itís very cute, sweet, sexy and just so darn Jim and Blair.)

We witness a big old Jim slut. Blair calls Jim an older man and Jim shows him just how old he is. Blair will never be calling Jim old again.

They wonít be doing much sight seeing in San Francisco. Oh what a shame.

The only complain I have is that this was excessively short. Kim, you know I need the long ones, darlin. This was a fast, hot, sexy and very sweet read. Youíll all love it.

Thank you, Kim.

Take Down
By Tiger Tyger

Jim is undercover and calls Blair because he needs his lover. Too bad Blair isnít his lover. He needs to pass off some info to Blair, but canít say it because he is bugged.

As Blair is walking through the parking lot, Blair is thinking, * Sex in the parking lot? *

When Jim finally meets up with Blair, they are both goners. I was roaring and loving every single minute of it. Again, I have to say, hubby is getting mad about these damn zines. He said, and I quote, ďDoesnít anyone write any serious ones anymore?Ē

Oh, I have to mention that the sex in the truck is hot, hot, and hot. I had to turn on that fan again. Iíll probably have a cold tomorrow. These boys have gotten in way over their head.

Both men are left to deal with this separately because Jim is undercover and Blair is just damn confused.

The undercover deal goes down well and now Jim wants to find out if there is a future for he and Blair. (As if there was any doubt!)

As expected, they are crazy about each other and wild sex ensues. Reading about them was truly fun, hot and sexy. Jimís last thought in the story is how to seduce his guide. Oh yeah.

This is a fast read, but a wonderful read.

Thank you, Tiger.

Practice Makes Perfect
by Rosemary Callahan

Jim is at a safe house guarding a witness, when the witness has a heart attack. Once it is over with, a very tired Jim finally gets to the loft and itís a pigsty.

Jim stands in the middle of the room and starts yelling his fool head off. He tells Blair he has three days to get out. Blair is heartbroken, but hides it as well as he can. (I cried here. Hubby got upset and told me to go back and read the one that made me laugh. Heís at a loss when I cry.)

Jim then begins to suffer from the loss before it even happens. Then Jim overhears Blair trying to find a place over the phone and it was downright heartbreaking to read. (I cried here too.)

When Blair meets him in the truck Jim apologized and asks him to stay. They argue about Blair paying rent and then Jim lets it slip that he hears things in the middle of the night from his guideís room.

This is so fun. The conversation is turned around so Blair is embarrassing Jim big time. Itís great.

ďJim, weíre both male animals, okay? These things are a fact of nature with us. Your knowing when IÖwhack off is no different than your knowing when I use the bathroom.Ē
end snip

I was howling. Jim has a date that goes terribly bad. Blair gets him to open up about it. Jim hasnít had any sexual release in over 3 months. Holey Moley. (Iíd have to kill someone)

Blair comes up with the idea of him watching Jim while he whacks off. (Hey Rosemary, I could totally hear Blair saying this. I was rolling on the floor by this time.) Rod glanced over and said, ďGlad to see itís not making you cry now.Ē Gotta love the big lug.

Now itís not watching, Jim canít do it with Blair watching, so now itís up to Blair to help him through this. He needs to learn control. Blair talks him into it and Jim zones. All is not lost and they start over again. Oh my God, Mt. Ellison has just erupted with help from a certain guide. (Now we can call him a mountain guide. Good with geysers)

Then Blair tells Jim heíll need to practice his control. Thatís what they call this. Practice. (You have to love it.)

In the next months Jim finds himself falling in love with Blair. Thinking it might just be infatuation, he doesnít talk to Blair about it just yet. He keeps it to himself. (Everyone that is surprised about him holding it in, raise their hands. Okay, no one, I thought so.)

It is just wonderful seeing the love that is ďBlair.Ē He loves Jim so much. Reading about these two written by Rosemary, you canít help but melt.

We have the a scene with an ending for the Lash Episode, Attraction and a few others. I donít want to give it all away. I loved how Rosemary wove the epiís into this story. It worked really well.

Now there was one bit of frustration I had. Another classic case of Clue Bus Avoidance by the lonely and stupid. In other words, Jim and Blair werenít at the stop again.

Finally they do get to the stop, Rosemary makes sure that they actually get on and both have the right passes. They will no longer be lonely or stupid. Well, at least not lonely.

This was an exceptionally long story. I was very happy. I love long. I had to finish it in one read though. It was very sexy, hot and damn exciting.

Thank you, Rosemary.

My apologies to everyone for all of the mistakes Iíve no doubt made in this review. I had a blast writing it as usual. I love these zines. Thank you, to Debra for letting me put this on her site.

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The epitome of TS fanfic. For me this is what it's all about. Between Alyjude and the Primal Instincts 'zines, I could live here forever!

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