Primal Instincts 4

290 pages

cover art Suzan Lovett

interior color and b/w art by Larrkin


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Available From: Asbestos Press & CrowRow Productions


Dream Guardian ....cover
by Suzan Lovettz

Rhapsody ....1
by Lynne Dhenson

No Intent ....2
by Tiger Tyger

More Than Friendship ....49
by Emrys

Divine Retribution ....58
by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy

Rent Boy ....63
by Rosemary Callahan

Past Imperfect ....168
by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy


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Observations of a Slash Slut:

Well, the slash slut hasn't gotten around to doing her review, even though she love's this 'zine and has read it several times. But hey, Angie has done such a wonderful review, I may be able to get away with not doing one right away! Thanks so much Angie!

UPDATE 01/15/01
Another review! At this rate you won't even care what I have to say! LOL! Thanks Patt!

As always, though, I want to make a special mention of Suzan Lovett's art, because she is just the cat's meow when it comes to TS (or any!) slash art. You can see her work at her site, Partners R More.

But Don't Take My Word For It!:

Thanks, Angie for the thorough review!

Angie's Review:

As it stands right now, I think this is my favorite zine, of all that I have. I think. Possibly. . Tiger Tyger, Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy, and Rosemary Callahan, are so very good. It is a sin that none of the online fandom gets to enjoy their work.

Tiger Tyger wrote No Intent, a first time story, with 2 memorable OC's one of the two legged variety, and one of the four legged variety. You get a Jim desperately needing to buy a clue in this one, which is a characterization that causes a lot of ranting and raving at an innocent zine. At least for me.

Rosemary Callahan wrote Rent Boy, which is a truly spectacular AU. If you're thinking it's the same old, "Blair used to be a prostitute" thing. Uh huh. No way. Jim's the culprit in this one, and the way she writes them is wonderfully three dimensional, so that you can really identify with both of them. This one has some good h/c scenes in it, and is so damn sweet! Also, there's a teaser at the end that let's you know there's going to be more to this story. I guarantee that I'll be buying that edition of PI!

Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy wrote Past Imperfect, which also deals with the prostitution theme, but in a more tried and true way. Just because it's been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done well! The only thing that struck me a little odd in this one, was that Jim seemed to have some kind of a Jekel and Hyde thing going on. In the first half of the story, he just struck me as...well...kind of obnoxious to Blair, to tell you the truth. But by the second half of the story, he had morphed into someone that any of us would love to have...well to have!

Gloria also wrote Divine Retribution, which is a totally hot B/D, if that's your cuppa. The only thing is, and I've said this before in regards to the story, there is one instance in there, where Blair calls Jim "daddy" in the heat of the moment. Uuggh!! That is the biggest turn off for me! YMMV on this, and I realize that many find that a major turn on, but for those of you out there that don't. Don't worry. It's just that one time. Just throw up a mental block, and you'll be fine!

There's one other story in here, and it was a perfectly respectable story, but to be honest, it just doesn't show up as well, when put up against stories like those above. More Than Friendship by Emrys is a nice first time story, but it is, by far, the shortest one in here. Only 9 pages long. But, as I said, it's a very good, well-written story. Just not completely wonderful.

Oh, and for you poetry lovers out there, there's a poem on the first page by Lynne Dhenson called Rhapsody. I hate poetry. Any and all poetry. So I can't critique that, because I wouldn't know good from bad from high art in that case!

Like I said at the beginning. Just about my favorite zine.

Patt's Review:

Primal Instincts 4 Review
Ramblin Rose

This is a great piece of art. I love the cuddle look of Jim and Blair. The bedding is even gorgeous. Itís one of my favorite ones. Why do I say that? I say that about all of them. Iím such a goofball. Well, itís nice to know that Iíve not seen one that I donít like yet.

Thank you, Suzan.

There is a new artist named Larrkin.

Page 4: This one is a color work of Blair in glasses. I love this one. She has captured the Blair look perfectly. Great job.

Page 27: Jim in a baseball cap. Not my favorite of him out of all of the others, but itís still mighty fine.

Page 52: Another of Blair, looking every bit a professor. I love this one too. Beautiful work.

Page 60: This one is one of the sweetest and sexiest Blair works Iíve ever seen. Love it to death.

Page 72: All right, I have a new favorite of Jim. My God, sex appeal is dripping off this piece of work. Drool alert should really be added to this one. Haha.

Page 168: Another great one of Jim. However, after the one on page 72, all others will have a hard time competing. Wait till ya all see it.

On to the stories. Thank goodness this is the last of the four, so you donít have to read my ramblingís for too much longer. Although, you donít have to read them now. Remember that Delete button is your friend. Especially when Iíve written a review. Haha.

Rhapsody (Poem)
By Lynne Dhenson
This is a beautiful poem. The description of the eyes is most moving.

By the time I finished, I wondered if it was about Jimís eyes or Blairís. Then I realized it would be for whomever we saw in it. I saw Jimís eyes. There was a mention of a hint of the dark jungles, wild and strange. This screamed Jim to me. However, to someone else it might scream Blair.

I love poetry that makes you think. This one does. Youíll love it.

Thank you so much, Lynne.

No Intent
Tiger Tyger
Just a quick and slight warning here. There is a very small and fast J/o. I just like to mention that in case it upsets anyone. In addition, I shouldnít really say how short the guy was, because it never says how big his dick is. Haha. Couldnít resist.

Jim is investigating a string of home invasions. While checking out the newest one, where the family was murdered, Jim ends up with their dog. He takes it to the loft until he can figure out what to do with it. He doesnít have the heart to leave it at the pound, so now we have a dog at the loft. He tells the pound that the dog is a material witness. Such a hard ass, eh? This seemed to Jim to me.

Jim catches the home invaders but they arenít the ones that killed the two people at the last Home Invasion.

The new fed guy moved to Cascade. His name is Kevin. Heís fitting right in with Major Crime. Jim likes him a lot. Blair doesnít. Itís so damn cute. Blair is soooooo jealous.

Blair feels like his best friend has dumped him. Jim is starting to feel like a heel. Funny thing is he misses Blair too.

Jim finds out that Kevin thinks he and Jim have been dating. I have to tell you, I was howling when I read this. When Kevin puts the moves on Jim, I had to tell everyone in the room why. My husband is so damn glad Iím done reading these four zines. I was driving him nuts. Then my daughter was there, who happens to think that Slash is very cool and she had to read parts of it when I was done. Tiger corrupted the poor thing. Haha.

Kevin, the jerk, not really I just like to call him that because heís not Blair. Anyhow, Kevin tells Jim that everyone believes that he and Blair are lovers. Jim freaks out and pulls away from Blair after this becomes known.

Jim ends up sleeping with Kevin, because he needs to know if he is truly gay. Jim feels like shit for using Kevin and never intending to be with him more than once. Arriving home, he and Blair argue. Blair figures out Jim slept with Kevin.

Now Blair is going to mark Jim and let him know whom he belongs to from this moment on.

My review isnít that great, because I donít want to give too much away. This is a wonderful love story. Tiger does it better than you can imagine.

Thank you so much, Tiger.

More than Friendship
By Emrys
This story opens with a panicky Blair. Heís thinking sexual thoughts about Jim. Blairís heart is racing and Jim is trying to figure out why Blair is so upset. Then Blair backs away from him and Jim thinks that Blair is afraid of him.

Blair thinks on it all day long and decides he is going to tell Jim how he feels. He's praying that Jim wonít hurt him. Hee hee.

Jim has been in love with Blair since he first met him, so heís not going to kill him anytime soon.

I love hot first times and it just kept getting better and hotter as I read on.

This story is very romantic, sweet, sexy and fun. Youíll all love it.

Thank you so much, Emrys.

Devine Retribution
By Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy
Warning: I feel like I need to put a slight warning about DD and BD.

Jim starts out being very angry with Blair for making him worry about him. Blair has almost gotten hurt again.

Oh my goodness. Jim needs his Blair, he throws him over his shoulder and heads up the stairs. Hee hee.

Holey Moley, Batgirl. I do believe youíve corrupted me. When Jim takes off his belt, I had to run and get the fan for my office.

Iím not real big on DD stories; it makes me a little uncomfortable. (Pardon the pun) Gloria makes it easier to swallow, though. (Oh goodness, another pun.) Ignore me, Iím getting slaphappy. (Oh Jesus, just blame Gloria. Itís all her fault.)

If you donít like this type of thing, donít read it. If you do, youíre in for a real treat. Gloria makes you forget that you are uncomfortable reading these things and wanting more.

This is a super fun read. Youíll like it.

Thank you so much, Gloria.

Rent Boy
By Rosemary Callahan
Before I even begin, let me start by saying, I want more from this story, Rosemary. I expect a sequel to follow. Not that this one isnít done, because it is. It just has so much more to tell. Please tell it to us. Donít make me beg on the lists more than once.

Blair is a professor and Jim is a student in his class. Blair is smitten from the moment he runs into Jim in the hallway before class. Blair knows that he canít date students, so heís longing for Jim. His friend from the University takes him to a gay club that night.

While there, he sees Jim and Blairís friend tells him that Jim is a hooker. Jim sees Blair and tries the next day to get out of Blairís class. However, heíll lose his money if he does and he doesnít want the university to think that Blair is a bad teacher. Therefore, he ends up staying.

Blair continues teaching and only has three failing students in his class. They are in football. I think. Donít you love my notes?? Haha.

Blair fails those three students and they attack him in a deserted part of campus at night. Jim comes to his rescue. They probably would have killed him if not for Jim. He saves Blairís life, takes him to Blairís loft and they talk.

Blair asks Jim out once he gets back to teaching. Nevertheless, Jim tells him he canít.

One day Jim comes to class after missing a few days and is all beat up. Blair goes to the bar that night, to hire Jim for the evening. They fight and argue but end up discussing the Chopec. (Well, I donít want to tell you word for word.) Jim tells Blair how he came to know about them.

Blair and Jim decide through the university to study the Chopec. Blair takes notes on everything that Jim tells him about the Chopec people.

While spending this time with Jim, Blair discovers he may have found someone with enhanced senses. Blair wants to spend time with Jim, but Jim refuses all of Blairís advances.

Blair calls it Operation Win-Jim. God, I loved that title. So cute.

Reading about Blair posing as a pimp was great, you have to read that. I wonít say anymore about that either. I feel like I give too much away.

When they talk later, Jim explains to him why he sells his body for a living. Iím not going to say because it is something that is so upsetting, you really need to read it with the rest of the story. Iím still upset.

Both men come to terms with things as Blair explains about Sentinel senses. Blair and Jim are into the holding on to each other stage. Jim doesnít feel like he deserves to be loved. Blair tells him they both deserve to be loved and love back. Just once in their life. (This is such a sad story.)

Blair now has to guide Jim in the romance department. It was so incredibly sad. Rosemary has written this so well that Iím having an anxiety attack. This is one of the saddest tales Iíve ever read.

Blair is so gentle and sweet. I love both of the characters, but Blair shines.

I wonít share the ending because I feel as that would ruin it for everyone. Heehee.

This is a very long story. Heartbreakingly believable and exhausting all at the same time. I loved it. You will too.

Thank you so much, Rosemary.

PS: Okay, Iím going to ask for the sequel again. Please???? Right now, Rosemary is thinking, this is the biggest pain in the neck fan I could ever have. However, I guess I could write that sequel that Patt and so many others want. Is this what youíre thinking, Rosemary? LOL

Past Imperfect
By Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy
ďFuck you!Ē Blair spat in a tone that Jim had rarely heard from the easy-going grad student. ďWho the hell do you think you are? My Keeper? My father? Well, Iíve got news for you. I donít have a damn father. All Iíve got is a surly, control-freak roommate with a mother-hen/big brother complex who likes to treat me like Iím some dumb kid.Ē
end snip

Jim and Blair are arguing, and as usual, Jim doesnít have a clue as to what the real problem is. Blair threatens to leave and Jim of course freaks out and promises to stay out of Blairís affairs. *Looky, now I think Iím a poet.*

I love the way Gloria writes. Iím just beginning and am totally hooked. (What do you mean, I have email. Tough fucking shit. Iím reading a Gloria story.) Okay, I feel better had to get that out of my system. You will find yourself unable to put the story down and not caring whether your hubby gets any food after work or not. Let me see, I think I said, ďItís your turn to order take-out, honey.Ē

Blair is dating a guy named Peter and what a perfect name being heís a prick and all.

Blair breaks it off. Peter threatens Blairís past over his head. When nothing else works, he beats the shit out of Blair.

Jim sees all the damage and gets dressed to go talk to the prick. (Jimís way of thinking, not just mine.)

Blair panicís and calls Simon for help.

ďSo let me get this straight. You went home with your tail between your legs whining to your big strong cop about how mean, old Peter gave you a couple of boo boos and now heís coming here to have it out with me? Is that it?Ē Peter shook his head in disgust. ďHow positively Neanderthal.Ē
end snip

I kid you not when I read this part, I wanted to kill the man myself.

Peter begins to attack Blair again, until Jim shows up. Jim tries to get to the prick, but Blair wonít let him. Blair is trying to save Jimís hide. He knows that Jim will get in trouble, not Peter. When he loses control of Jimís rage, Simon shows up to save the day.

The office scene is great with the four men. Iím not telling. Youíll have to read it yourself. Heehee

Gloria, I love the interaction between Jim and Simon. Simon is a good friend and a bossy one.

Jim and Blair have some major discussions that are so moving sometimes I forgot that it was just a story. (Did I just say, it was just a story? Iím so sorry, Gloria.) Heehee

These two men pulling away from each other was heartbreaking to read.

We learn about a neglecting Naomi. I belong to the ĎI canít stand Naomi clubí, so this was a perfect part for me to read.

Blair tells Jim his Major Secret as Jim cries, while listening. Again, the story is so heartbreaking. Iím leaving this part out.

Jim asks Blair on a date Itís a new place. Their place.

And thus began the courtship of Blair Sandburg and James Ellison.
end snip

Blair finds out about two men in his past, thanks to Jim. Now Blair might be able to move on.

Fan-fucking-tastic story of the courtship and road to the discovery of what true love is for Blair.

I loved both Jim and Blair in this story. Everyone will love it. And if youíre a big fan of angst and stories that will make you cry, then this one is a given.

Thank you so much, Gloria.

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