The President's Son

180 pages

color cover and b/w interior art by TACS

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Contents/Description: An AU by LEX where Blair finds out his mother has married a Senator... who becomes President of the United States. And now, because he is part of the first family, Blair is stuck with a Secret Service bodyguard - Agent Jim Ellison.

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Observations of a Slash Slut:

I had no doubt I'd enjoy this Sentinel novel by Lex as I had already discovered what an extremely talented author she is from reading her 'net published fanfic, particularly Hippie Boy.

I eagerly waited for my copy as I was darned curious to find out how anyone could make *Naomi Sandburg* the First Lady! But, of course, Lex pulled it off brilliantly! Mainly, I suppose, because the story wasn't really about the her. But when she did appear, I felt she was very "Naomi".

I had a slight concern that I might be doing some "wading through" because I honestly hate politics and thought there would be some of that to get through, but I was very delighted not to have to endure the political scene! It was totally a Jim and Blair story, not a political one. Of course it was AU in that their careers were different, but they were so in-character there was no doubt they were "our" Jim and Blair. Lex very cleverly wove canon into her tale....Lash, the explosion of Blair's warehouse home, the Loft. It's like one of those AU's that's, well, not! A truly wonderful, first-time love story.

There's a good dose of angst here as Jim begins to realize he may have lost his one chance to grab his brass ring. But while Jim is slowly coming to terms with the changes he'll have to face to win the prize, the "brass ring" is losing his shine as he waits for someone who may never come.

A fast moving 'zine with a very satisfying ending complimented throughout by TACS wonderful artwork. Check out the AMC Press site and take a look at the cover for this 'zine! Whew! Does Jim looked focused or what?!

Review by Patt

The artwork in this zine is really beautiful. The cover is not only gorgeous of both men, but even the font is wonderful. It has like a stars and stripes thing going on and it's darling. I'm sure TACS wouldn't like me describing it as such, but that's what I thought first thing. I love it. Very, very cool cover.

All of the ones inside are black and white, but it makes no difference. They are gorgeous too. The one of Blair tied up while in Lash's hands is so perfect. It's just as I would have pictured it. The rest of them are just breath taking. I loved them all.

Thank you so much, TACS for doing such a nice job. Something I'll always hold dear.

The President's Son

By Lex

First of all let me start out by saying, I've read this darn story about six times. Maybe more. It's wonderful. And I'm not just saying that because I love Lex's work. It's just a wonderful story.

A lot of people don't look at it as a serious piece of Sentinel Fiction. Well I tend to disagree. I find it very serious. Full of angst. One of my favorite things in a story. Poor Agent Ellison trying to fight off those feelings for his charge. Can you imagine trying to fight off feelings for Blair Sandburg? I think not. Hee hee.

I think Lex has done a suburb job of showing the weaknesses of Agent Ellison, along with his strong points too. And he has many of both. I like that in a story. Showing that he isn't perfect. Blair isn't either. I love that about this story.

There isn't sex during the whole thing, because most of it is story, but you don't even notice, because there is such love, devotion and longing that you get caught up in it. Before long it's towards the end of the zine and you think, 'what happened here? When did I stop caring about the sex parts?' (I know it's hard to believe that I just said that isn't it?)

Seriously, this is one of my favorite zines and with good cause. Lex is a joy to read. Her Jim and Blair are not only believable, but you leave the zine wanting a lot more. I wonder how I could talk her into a sequel. Just kidding. It's perfect the way it ends. No sequel needed.

I think anyone buying this zine would be happy with it. I know I was. Hopefully some of you will give this one a chance too.

Thank you, Lex for writing a beautiful piece of work. And thanks again to TACS for the lovely pictures. All in all, the entire zine is a total joy. I love it.

Why you should buy this 'zine:

Classic Sentinel! Stories like this are why I continue to play in this fandom! It's clear to me why Lex won the Golden Guppy Award for Best New Author in both the On-Line and 'Zine categories.

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:

Your kid's last pair of shoes just blew the sole? But studies show it really doesn't hurt children to go barefooted and the really cold weather is still a few months away.


Blair/female (briefly, off-screen)

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