Royal Protection



Title: Royal Protection


Author: Ankaree




Page Count: 161


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art:  Color cover and two color interior art by L. A. Adolf. 

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $23.00 (US) * $27.00 (Canada) * $29.00 (Worldwide)



A wonderful Jim/Blair romance full of danger, excitement and love, this story is based on the novel, Prince Joe by Suzanne Brockmann.  

Summary: Blair is the personal assistant and media consultant to his stepbrother, Prince Alvaro Badran. When the prince's life is threatened while on a royal tour of the United States, a Special Forces soldier is brought in to impersonate him. Blair is given the task of turning Captain James Ellison into a double for the prince, but after only one conversation, Blair has his doubts about transforming the rugged, hard-headed solider into nobility.

Short Excerpt:

"Your Highness," Blair said with forced patience. "A prince never leans his elbow on the table."

Jim smiled but didn't move a muscle. He just watched Blair with half-closed eyes that radiated sexuality. They'd been working together all morning and every second of that time, Blair had been aware of Jim. Of the way the other man's gaze would rake over his body, or follow him with this smouldering look in his eyes that made Blair's pulse race in anticipation, which he immediately tried to squelch. On top of everything, he sure didn't need the added distraction, not with a deadline looming over their heads. He needed his mind clear and sharp, not filled with thoughts of taking Captain James Ellison to his bed.

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