Running With The Storm

194 pages

color cover and interior art by TACS

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution

Contents/Description: A novel by Serena is an alternate universe where Jim doesn't meet Blair until after the female bomber, where he is injured. As he recovers, he keeps dreaming of a young man with long hair who will help him with sensory problems he is starting to have. When he finally meets Blair, it's only to discover that that student is leaving in a few weeks for a 6-month expedition in the Peruvian jungle. Jim says that they can pick up with the testing when Blair returns. Unfortunately, 4 weeks into the expedition, all the students on the trip are captured by drug runners, who say they will only release the students when a prisoner is released to them. Jim doesn't wait for politics to work, so donning his Jungle Jim outfit, he heads for Peru. There he finds all the students were released except one - as a safety measure for the drug runners...of course it's Blair. Now the panther comes out and leads Jim to his the misfortune of the captors.

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Observations of a Slash Slut:

The agent's have done a great job with their description. The only thing to add, in case it isn't obvious, is it's a first-time story.

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