Sensory Overload 6

214 pages

Color cover by K-9.


Internal art by Anja Gruber and Sheila Paulson.




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Available From: Neon Rainbow Press


The Draw (by Anna Kelly) Jim loses his senses again, and this time he thinks it's for good. Which leaves Blair in an awkward position, and he decides the best thing is to bow out gracefully. But things are never as simple as they seem. (14)

Remembrance of Things Past (by Sheila Paulson) Blair never knew who his father was, and Jed Stone was the closest he ever got. Now Jed is dead and Blair is trying to deal with his grief, which isn't easy when Jim starts to think it might have been murder. (32)

The One You Love (by Anna Kelly) Blair ends up in the hospital with an appendicitis, but Jim isn't alone while he waits for news. (5)

The Dawn of a New Day (by Becca Koldfurr) A crossover with Poltergeist: The Legacy. An organization bend on destroying mankind develops the ability to clone human beings, and one of their random samples is Blair Sandburg. But Blair was fixated on the story of an old "guardian" and his "companion," and that opened the door for the companion's spirit to take over the clone. In the duplicate of Blair's body, the companion goes in search of a new guardian, and the only one in town is James Ellison. (56)

Only a Stone's Throw (by Jody Norman) Jim is undercover when he'd caught in an explosion that leaves him trapped in his cover persona, and his friends thinking he's dead. But before long the truth is out, but Jim Ellison is no longer the same man his guide and friends once knew, and they're not at all sure how to get Jim back, but they do know they have to try . . . no matter what it might cost them. (96)


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