Sensory Overload 8

199 pages



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Available From: Neon Rainbow Press


Solitaire (by DenysŤ M. Bridger) Some of Jim's thoughts from the pilot episode. (3)

The Outsider (by Anna Kelly) Thoughts on Blair from another detective's point of view. (6)

Soaring (by Carole Seegraves) A slice of life. (3)

Flies in an Emerald Web (by Freya-Kendra) One of Blair's students draws him into a dark world of crime and hidden power. (55)

Guilty Conscience (by Cheryl Benson) Jim is having second thoughts about leaving Blair behind. (2)

Sacrifice: A Mother's Love (by KAM) Jim learns the real story of his parents break-up. (17)

Dream Quest (by Cheryl Benson) Unsure what to do next, Blair heads off for some quiet thinking time and gets some advice from an unexpected source. (3)

The Search for Sandburg (by Sheila Paulson) A crossover with The Master. Blair has missing for a while when the Master and Max find him and decide to help. (30)

It (by Cheryl Benson) Jim wants a partner who's like all the other cops. (1)

Crack in a Box (by Jody Norman) An entity has escaped and now it's hunting in Cascade. Simon is a victim, and Jim and Blair are also targets. (79)


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