Sentry Post Special Edition: K. Ryn

Title: Sentry Post Special Edition: K. Ryn


Author: K. Ryn




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Stories include:

The Gift —Blair comes up with the perfect gift for a sensory-stressed sentinel. A submission for the GuidePosts "In The Woods" Challenge.

Death Song —Not a Death Story! Spontaneously combusting lighters, lethal steak knives, exploding gas stoves...someone's attacking those closest to the Sentinel.

Wired —Another "Jim and Blair in the Woods" submission—with a different twist.

Testing the Differences —A spur of the moment test reveals some interesting truths.

Set-up —Jim's arrested for drug trafficking and murder. The victim? Blair Sandburg.

Endurance —The detective's of Major Crimes take on a challenge—keeping up with Blair Sandburg.

Out of Harm's Way —When Jim flies to Denver on a prison extradition, leaving Blair safely tucked away in the loft working on a paper for one of his University classes, no one expects trouble to come calling.

Smoke and Mirrors —Will a grisly arson and murder case spell the end of Jim and Blair's partnership?

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The Gift

Death Song


Testing the Differences



Out of Harm's Way

Smoke and Mirrors



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