Soul Quest 2: Ties that Bind


Title: Soul Quest 2: Ties that Bind


Author: Natalie L


Published: May, 2006


Page Count: 204


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Lorraine Brevig. 2 color and 2 b/w interior drawings by Lorraine Brevig.


Available From:  DE Press

Price:  $28.00 (US) * $33.00 (Other)



Join Jim and B’layr in their trials and triumphs and share in their tears of joy and loss as they and their extended family celebrate births and grieve the loss of loved ones in three all-new chapters of this exciting AU universe.


Chapter 7: Broken Ties -- The existence of the elves leaks out when B’layr’s dissertation is prematurely released. 


Chapter 8: Reforged Ties -- As B’layr approaches the birth of their child, the unthinkable happens – Jim is nearly killed in a hunting accident.


Chapter 9: Healing Ties -- A terrible accident forces B’layr to return to the Ancients for additional training and Jim to deal with the aftermath – a blind son – on his own.




WARNINGS: The deaths of three well-known, supporting/recurring characters (no deaths among major characters). M/M; Naomi as an OFC; MPREG; AU; Elves (Blair as an elf).


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NOTE: Soul Quest: Chapters 1 – 6 can be found at Jaguar’s Jungle.


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