The Three Little Monkeys, Vol. 3: Speak No Evil

Title:  The Three Little Monkeys, Vol. 3: Speak No Evil


Author: Multi




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Available From:  Agent With Style or Blackfly Presses

Price:  Agent With Style - $16.00 (US) * $20.00 (Can/Mex) * $21.00 (overseas)

             Blackfly Presses - $13.35 (US) * $20.55 (Can)



Like the three monkeys, each issue of this series is dedicated to a particular action: hearing, seeing and speaking. Come see how Jim's senses can affect his every waking moment, and that of those he holds most dear. Don't miss these wonderful zines!


Where Detectives Fear to Tread   Nightowl   1
Crossed Wires   Bog   8
The Price of Silence   Arianna   9
Claims   Bog   27
Out of Sight   Nightowl   31
Cartoon   Bog   39
Rambling Rhymes   Bog and Hauntfox   40
Decyphering   K. Hanna Korossy   41
First Day   Kam   49
Dead Giveaways   Bog   55
Cartoon   Bog   56
Comments from the Peanut Gallery   Nightowl   57


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