Storm Sign

Title: Storm Signs


Author: Legion




Page Count: 267


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art: Color cover and b&w interior art by KOZ

Available From:  Agent With Style

Price:  $22.00 (US) * $26.00 (Mex/Can) * $27.00 (overseas)



A Sentinel/Quantum Leap novel by Legion, illustrated by KOZ. A stand-alone prequel to Saraid's "The Panther Tales" Universe, wherein Jim and Blair, for reasons unknown, were tormented and tortured until they were transformed, much against their will, into ruthless, violent mercenaries who killed when necessary, hiding who and what they had been from everyone except a trusted few, presenting only a united front of Panther and Chief. In Storm Signs, a prequel to Saraid's stories, Legion explains what happened to Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci after the last episode where Sam leaped as himself, giving Al's first wife Beth back to him, as well as giving Jim and Blair a life filled with joy despite their eventual transformation into Panther and Chief.


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UPDATE 04/02/01
I started to read this, but am not going to finish at this time; though probably will do so in the future. I wanted to make a comment I hope will prepare other readers.... If you don't know Quantum Leap, you may get lost! Well, as least *I* did. I've never seen Quantum Leap and don't know the first thing about it and I just didn't feel like I was following the story at all. There was nothing wrong with the writing, after all, this is Legion! But there where quite long portions with the Quantum Leap guys that went into things I hadn't a clue about. I did try to just skip to the Blair 'n Jim parts, but I wouldn't recommend that as their story is too closely woven with that of the QL guys. This is just my opinion. Maybe if you even have an inkling about QL you will fare better than I.

I'm sure I'll read this 'zine soon since it is Legion, but... so many 'zines so little time.... Gotta save Legion for when I can curl up in a blanket and read straight through!

But no matter, the beautiful (she really is, I met her!) and talented Serena has once again offered her astounding insight and literary eloquence to a very worthy cause. (Did I say everything right, Serena? beautiful, astounding, and, wasn't there one more?)

Seriously, thanks so much to the brilliant and vivacious Serena for taking the time to write such detailed reviews, *twice*!

While you're waiting for your copy of Storm Sign to arrive, visit Serena's Beach and read her wonderful TS slash fic! Especially Here be Dragons. And visit her Ryf/Rafe page. Oh my! (sigh)

Serena's Review!:

This is a digest-sized zine despite it's length of 267 pages. It has been edited by The Presses and therefore you'll find 7 gorgeous b/w and 3 equally wonderful color illustrations inside! Ahh, the treat! Spiral binding.

The story has been written to set things right: A particularly depressing set of short stories - saraid's The Panther Series, where ten months of terrible torture turn Jim into a rage-filled killer and render Blair blind and quiet, stripping both of all the character traits they had ever possessed - made Legion step into an exciting world of two pairs of lovers who, by helping each other, fight the evil the fates dish out for them.

Because, thanks to Dr. Sam Beckett and his quantum leap accelerator, in Legion's universe the capture of Sentinel Ellison and his Guide Sandburg is prevented - both men can escape and vanish for more than a year. But then Al Calavicci, former partner of presumably dead Sam Beckett needs help to deal with the same evil forces that killed Sam. He finds it in Jim and Blair - who on their journey finally discover that their bond is more than just about friendship... And this discovery leads to interesting developments. (Oooo... Serena, do tell! Oh. Sorry. Please continue.)

This is not a typical Legion-story (not like her Too Hot To Handle series at all). This is a well-plotted, in-depth, terrific Grand Novel that - even though its premise twists the characters of Jim and Blair - shows Sentinel and Guide as we know them, bantering, easy-going and hard as steel - not necessarily pun intended. The novel interweaves two shows seamlessly, seemingly without effort, and gives you a really good read.


Why you should buy this 'zine: L-E-G-I-O-N

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: You'll be disappointed if you are expecting more of the Too Hot To Handle Series; this is not 50 times the THTH Series as found on the net. (It's even better, but that might just be me...LOL)



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