Tribe of Two


Title: Tribe of Two


Author: Multi




Page Count: 114


Format: Full Size - Double Column


Cover/Art: Color cover & b/w interior art by Allisan

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A Hand In The Dark by Owlet
Anniversary Story by Francesca
Legend of Man by Owlet
Lifeline by Legion
Plumbing the Depths by Owlet
The Last Experiment by Justine
In The Dreamtime by Owlet
Side Effects by fuzzi cat
An Extended Metaphor by Justine and Owlet
Legendary by Owlet


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UPDATE 02/18/01

Due to RL, Janette is currently unable to take new orders. I'll update this when she is again able to fill requests! Best of everything to you, Janette! Take good care. :-)


This could quite possibly be the best kept secret in the fandom! Not a 'zine I normally hear a lot about, but every story here is absolutely incredible.

Though fairly short, A Hand In The Dark reveals a lot about Jim's childhood. Nice Jim-angst, first-time story.

Anniversary Story is classic Francesca. I LMAO on that one. Here's a sample of what you have to look forward to...:

"God, you're a mountain," Sandburg murmured softly. "I feel like fucking Edmund Hillary."
"Forget him," Jim muttered, suckling Sandburg's earlobe. "You're with me now."

They are such *men* in this story! A hysterical first-time story.

Lifeline and The Last Experiment are a couple of great post-TSbyBS, first-time stories.

Owlet's Mythopoeia series (Legend Of Man, In The Dreamtime, and Legenday) are a great set of reflective pieces from Jim's POV. But I have to nominate Owlet's Plumbing The Depths as the single, hottest story I've ever read. And re-read. Can you just imagine Jim trying to find Blair's missing prostate? Gasp! A wonderfully written established couple story.

I'm not really sure Side Effects is exactly what I think of as a slash story, though Blair's unrequited feelings for Jim are made clear, but you wouldn't find it in a "gen" archive either. It's from Rafe's POV and things almost get out of, er, hand when Blair helps Rafe through an illness. However it's not B/R, either! It's a great story! Very creative and fun. Well, not for Rafe. ;-)

An Extended Metaphor is another LMAO story. Blair comes out of the closet. Literally. Hee.

The interior b/w drawings and color cover by Allisan Rekrula are very nicely done.

Why you should buy this 'zine: This is an extremely good value. If I were to try and, um, suck someone into the fandom, I'd probably present them with this 'zine.

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: The binding isn't top choice. It's stacked and triple stapled format with binding tape. But I've read mine three times and it's held together very well. Considering the exceptional stories presented, the binding issue becomes insignificant.

It's too damn short! That's frustrating. ;-)



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