Classic Tiger Tyger, Vol. 2


Title: Classic Tiger Tyger, Vol. 2


Author: Tiger Tyger


Published: May 2004


Page Count: 213


Format: Full Size.


Cover/Art: Gryphon


Available From:  Light and Shadow Press


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The Classic Tiger Tyger, Volume Two contains some of this award-winning author's earliest Sentinel Slash fiction, fiction that has never been net published and is presently difficult to acquire. If you're one of the frustrated fans who has been searching for some of Tiger's older fiction and you haven't been able to get your hands on the currently out-of-production Primal Instincts zines, or you don't regularly purchase multi-media zines, this may be the zine for you!

• Fire and Flame (originally published in Primal Instincts 3)
• Takedown (originally published in Primal Instincts 3)
• In Envy of Paradise (originally published in Indigo Boys 5)
• Journey Into Darkness (originally published in Love & Guns 8)

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