To Thine Own Self Be True

 Title: To Thine Own Self be True

Author: Rainy Day




Page Count: 180


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art:  Cover and b/w interior art by TACS

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Price:  $26.00 (US) * $31.00 (Other)



It is written by Rainy Day and is a story of self-deception, pain, and redemption. When an incident at the loft causes long-repressed feelings to emerge, Jim struggles with his sexual identity, self-perceptions and growing attraction for Blair. But confused denial and continual self-loathing cause the Sentinel to become increasingly self-destructive. Can Blair help Jim before it's too late and what will Blair's reaction to all this be...?

This is a wonderful love story with scenes of angst, humor, sexual-realization, self-fulfillment...and not to forget - lots of great sex...=-]


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Check out Patt's review, too! Thanks, Patt!

Another great novel. Right up there on my list of "must haves". There's not much to add to the above description, 'cept it's a first-time story!

Patt's Review!

To Thine Own Self Be True By Rainy Day

Review by Patt


All of artwork is done by TACS. Sheís wonderful as always.

The cover: Four different sizes and looks of the guys. The color is beautiful. TACS always knows how to grab someoneís attention on the covers. Both Jim and Blair are just gorgeous in it.

Page 13: Jim and Blair with bare chests. Woo hoo. Oh how I love looking at pieces of art with these two guys in it. This one is fabulous. The background is great, Iím not sure what it is, because Iím one of the most un-artistic people in the world, but it looks like waves of color and glowing shine. Okay, not a good description. Hey, I donít get paid for this ya know? Haha

Page 33: The same piece as the cover, except in black and white. But on this one, I like the color one better. Iím so weird, sometimes I like the color better than the other. But not always. Just depends on the piece. Gorgeous as I said before.

Page 57: Jim and Blair in bed. Need I say more. Very sexy picture, especially since it only goes down as far as their shoulders. But itís still very sexy. I love it. Again, the background is beautiful. I want to see this piece in color. Oh C, are you listening? Haha

Page 105: A dancing Blair. This isnít one of my favorites, but my daughter looked at it and said, ďOh thatís a very good picture of Blair.Ē She doesnít even watch The Sentinel.

Page 171: Jim lying on top of Blair. Itís a wonderful piece. I love this one. Again, I would love to see the piece in color.

I have a little note to say from my hubby, he said it was nice not have to look at a bare butt picture of Jim on the cover. Heís still in shock from the Primal Instincts ones. Haha.


To Thine Own Self Be True By Rainy Day

All right, let me say up front, that Iím torn between loving this zine and not. That was really helpful, right? Okay, here is why I didnít.

The idea of Jim having so much trouble with a mid-life crisis is believable. Especially when he realizes he is perhaps gay. (Or at least really happy.) This part was fine, but he does something in the beginning that bugged me big time. And the only reason he stopped doing what he was doing, was because all of a sudden he could smell that Blair was crying.

I canít see Jim forcing himself on Blair at any time. I also canít see Blair pushing Jim as he did in this story. If someone is truly on the edge, donít shove him off. Wrong strategy. In my opinion anyhow. So actually it was mutual pushing and force. I really disliked that about the story.

Now what is really strange, is that it never happens again. In fact, I almost forgot about it as I read on. Which is actually a good thing. Says that the writer let us get over it and move on. Thank god for that.

Okay, the next thing I really disliked is all the talk about who was going to be the bottom. Maybe I just didnít get it. This would not be a first. Sad but true.

Everyone raise their hands that think that Jim would continue fucking Blair if Blair was not enjoying it. Thatís what I thought. I just didnít find this part believable.

Okay, now as a rundown, the first part was in the beginning of the story and this last part was towards the end. So in between, it was a kick ass story. I really liked it.

Oh wait a minute, I remembered something else. God, Iím feeling PMS or something. Geeze, I hate when Jim picks Blair up and carries him in the loft or anywhere else. That makes me nuts. (Oh stop, that is a low blow saying, I was already nuts. Youíre supposed to be my support groups.) Anyhow, how does anyone else feel about this? My hubby thinks itís so un-Jim like. But he also thinks itís un-Blair like too. Mind you, he does see Slash in The Sentinel now, doesnít want to think about it, but still he sees it. And he doesnít believe that Blair would let Jim carry him for one moment. Haha.

There are some people in this zine story that are terrific. I loved them so much and hoped Rainy Day would write a sequel to answer a few things for me. And Iíll be damned but sheís working on one now I guess. Iím looking forward to it. Maybe sheíll let Blair walk though.

It sounds like I donít like this zine, but I really did. I just like to point out those squicky points to everyone in case they have the same squicks. I hope this helped somewhat.

This story was full of good Jim and Blair angst. Tons of it, actually. And I loved that about it. I love a good h/c novel. This one was no exception. Iím really hoping that my opening remarks donít make everyone think it was a terrible story, because it wasnít.

There were some sweet, tender and funny moments in this story that I wouldnít want anyone to miss out on. By all means read it. Iím just the warning type.


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