Title: Transfiguration


Author: Stormy Stormheller




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In the jungles of Peru, anthropology grad student Blair Sandburg is seized by evil drug lords and forced to work in a cocaine lab under life-threatening conditions. When an opportunity to escape presents itself, Blair doesn't hesitate. Using courage and cunning and a little help from an unforeseen ally, he escapes his evil captors only to find himself partnered with… a giant, man-killing jaguar on a mission. Together Blair and his furry companion travel an unpaved road through Peruvian rainforests and the dreamscape of the spirit lands, encountering myth,

magic, truth, and love.


EXCERPT: Even pain and fear and hunger get old after a while, and Blair grew bored waiting for the next day to arrive. His clothing and hair had dried stiff and starchy with dirt. To pass time in the last of the light, he tried to work some of the snarls from his hair, which had grown long during his time in Peru. He unwound a bit of thread from a tear in his T-shirt and, ascertaining first that he couldn't eat it, used it to tie back his filthy tangles.


Blair was no longer tired, but hungry and sore and restless. It was too dark to explore, so he passed the time in painful yoga stretches and uncomfortable meditations. He was just thinking he might jerk off when cat's eyes appeared in the darkness, coming closer. Closer.


Something plopped in his lap. He jumped away, shrieking in surprise. Snatching up the lamp, he ordered quaking fingers find the flint lighter in his pocket and strike the lantern to life. The sparks spat in all directions as he swiped the flint across the magnesium bar repeatedly until the lantern thankfully, dutifully, provided a modicum of light. His eyes adjusted and he saw… a bunch of bananas? No. Not possible. He was already into the second one while his mind raced to deny what he'd read in the pictographs. No. No. You can't change a man into a…


The jaguar padded off again.


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Miscellany: Rated NC-17 for sexual content, strong language, and violence


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