Whispers of the Heart 2

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Title: Whispers of the Heart 2


Author: Multi




Page Count: 278


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Eng. Interior artwork by Geli, K9, lulu, Barbara Eickhoff, Larrkin and Bettina

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Stories include:

End of the World as We Know It by Shadow
After the Fact, part 1 by JenCat
Solace of Shade/Secure of Shelter (poetry) by Linda
The Softness and Hardness of Love by Voracity
To See the Light by alyjude
Baggage by Meg Carruthers
Up Against the Wall by J.C.
Agent Provocateur by Carmen
Natural is Better by mikasa
Progression by Jean McArthur
Aftermath by Tiger Moon
We'll Be Together by vfoster
I Remember Love by Angelise
After the Fact, part 2 by JenCat
Black Velvet by XFreak
Thunder and Lightning by Shorts
Somewhere Other Than the Night by OCONN
Major Moves by Bast


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The following is from the previous publisher, but it provides some nice info. so I'm keeping it.

The End of the World As We Know It by Shadow Jim takes Blair on a much needed vacation.
After the Fact, pt I by JenCat A crime in Cascade affects Jim much more personally than normal.
Solace of Shade / Secure of Shelter by Linda Two poems with illustrations.
The Softness and Hardness of Love by Voracity Will Jim play when Blair's away?
To See the Light by Alyjude Jim's date has a few ideas of his own about Blair.
Baggage by Meg Carruthers Will seeing William Ellison bring back painful memories for Jim?
Up Against the Wall by J.C. Jim asks Blair the question, 'What about me?'
Agent Provocateur by Carmen A new man in the partner's lives causes unforeseen consequences... Jim and Blair try to deal in their own ways.
Natural is Betler by mikasa Jim sees why Blair insists on natural products.
Progression by Jean McArthur Sentinel/Highlander crossover. Jim and Blair attend a police convention in Seacouver. Blair meets Methos. Will they get together regardless of who they truly love, or will their intendeds wake up?
Aftermath by Tiger Moon Jim and Blair are brought together by an old friend.
We'll Be Together by vfoster While working on a case involving muggings at Cascade's hottest dance clubs, Jim realizes his feelings for his partner. But does Blair feel the same way? And how does a song fit into the equation?
I Remember Love by Angelise Jim meets Blair long before they meet in the hospital for the first time.
After the Fact, pt 2 by JenCat Blair takes Jim to new heights.
Black Velvet by XFreak Jim, Blair, and an evening at home.
Thunder and Lightning by Shorts The panther is released.
Somewhere Other Then the Night by Oconn Ever wonder what would happen if one day Jim realized that he never says thank you or I'm sorry?
Major Moves by Bast Jim turns his life upside down for Blair. Is it enough?

Some wonderful "first-times", and post-TSbyBS stories. A great "primal Sentinel", n/c sex story. I love it when Jim gets possessive, 'specially when Blair doesn't mind terribly! End Of The World As We Know It is a wonderful angsty, first-time, story where Blair faces the consequences of his decision to deny his dissertation. Another terrific 'zine!

Angie's Rec:

Too many to critique in this one. It's a solid piece of work. There're no losers in this one.

Standouts are Baggage by Meg Carruthers. This is pretty well a psychological study of Jim, looking at the damage William Ellison might have done to him, and the way that manifests itself in his relationships. I really like stories like that.

To See the Light by Alyjude. A short, cute story that's a character study from the POV of Jim's new boyfriend. There's many others, and they're all good.

And even...(drum roll please) a duet of poems that I liked. The only ones to date! Linda's Solace of Shade/Secure of Shelter. These are beautiful, and actually make sense to me. It's more than a little depressing to think I'm just not sharp enough to catch the point of most of the poetry.

Oh, and this one's spiral bound as well (!!)

Why you should buy this 'zine:


It's huge. The 'zine is huge, guys. Sheesh!

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:

Damned if I can think of a reason. Even emergency surgery isn't a good excuse.



n/c sex in Agent Provocateur

D/s in Black Velvet


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