Whispers of the Heart 7

Title: Whispers of the Heart 7


Author: Multi




Page Count: 189


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by K-9

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $25.00 (US) * $28.00 (Canada) * $30.00 (Worldwide)



Ache by Dolimir

Summary: A first time story told in the voice of Blair’s dissertation voice.


Homecoming by Jim: Parameters of Pleasure by Valaria

Summary: This is the 3rd chapter of the primary portion of my Homecoming universe.

For The Moment by KAM

Summary: When Jim is dealing with the aftermath of witnessing another senseless death, Blair is there to comfort him.

Everything by Rogue

Summary: “So when you said ‘it’s about friendship’, you were lying through your eyeteeth?”

And Mortals Stand Between by Shorts

Summary: This story is in the same universe as Where No Angel Fears To Tread, available in Reflections of Rafe, and The Devil Is Sure To Follow, available in Whispers Of The Heart VI.

The Wisdom of the Wolf/The Wisdom of the Jaguar by LilyK

Summary: Shaman Blair Sandburg finds Sentinel Jim Ellison in the jungles of Peru.

Freeing Love by Angelise

Summary: Sentinel AU---A young Blair frees a slave, not knowing his heart will soon be held captive by the one he rescues.

Parallel Dreams by serena

Summary: No man is an island.  What would have happened to a Sentinel without friends and a Guide...

End of Day Comfort: Valentine’s Day by Virginia Foster

Summary: A reaffirmation of Jim and Blair’s love.


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