Whispers of the Heart 8

Title: Whispers of the Heart 8


Author: Multi




Page Count: 207


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art:  Color cover by Geli. B/W interior art by K9 and Marianne.

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $27.00 (US) * $30.00 (Canada) * $32.00 (Worldwide)



Stories Include:

The Wishing Trap by Shadow
Summary: Sometimes a Sentinel reaches way down inside himself and finds the power to pull his Guide back from the dead, and then some time later, when his Guide does something truly unforgivable, finds a way to forgive him.

Save Me from Bad Television by Rogue
Summary: Jim and Blair watch the season finale of Smallville and figure a few things out while they do so.

Horny by Hazel
Summary: "God, Bri, I love you. Never want to be anywhere else, only with you, only here...." Joel did move then, slowly, passionately, trying to hold his weight off his love while he buried his head in Brian's full dark hair.

Remember Me, Always by LilyK
Summary: Following an accident, Jim Ellison suffers a memory loss.

Time To Heal by KAM
Summary: Kneeling down, Blair trailed his hand through the water.
"Sometimes I wonder if it'd be like that again. If it'd feel like I was just floating away again."

I Know Your Secret by Angelise
Summary: A friend from the past monkeys around in Jim and Blair's life, helping them realize their feelings for one another.

Private Lives in Public Places by Shorts
Summary: "I meant, you should be with me," whispered Blair to an empty room. He slowly got up and went to his bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.

To Sleep, Maybe To Dream
by serena
Summary: An hour later not even the slightest scent betrayed his afternoon delights.

Something The Boy Said by Silk
Summary: Jim has something to say about what Blair said.

End of Day Comfort Series by vfoster
Summary: Slices of life for Jim and Blair.

Touch by Aouda Fogg
Summary: A love story.

Blessed Protector by Rogue
Summary: Carolyn tries to put the moves on Jim in a surprise visit to Cascade. Jim does not care for it. So she goes after Blair. Not in a nice way. Takes place after Dead Drop.


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