Without You

Title: Without You


Author: April Valentine




Page Count: 182


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Cover art by Killashandra

Available From:  In Person Press - At Cons Only

Price:  In Person Press - $19.00 (US) * $22.00 (Canada) * $24.00 (Global)



An original Sentinel novel by April Valentine.

The reality hit him, closing in, swamping him like an unwelcome tide. He felt his knees go weak, felt himself sliding down the cabinet, ending up sitting, then lying on the kitchen floor. Blair...the tide was relentless and he had on his weight belt. It was going to drown him, the cold water, drag him under while the sand shifted, making the earth a precarious place. Blair had been taken from him....

A J/B slash novel based on Sentinel, Too (Part 1).


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This is my favorite Sentinel, Too fix. And one of my favorite 'zines. April creates a beautiful, angsty piece, but with a wonderful balance of comfort. It's a fulfilling novel. She didn't leave anything hanging. I loved her spirit journey imagery. The color cover by Killashandra is very nice, but at first glance probably not something you'd take note of. But by the time I finished reading the 'zine, it had turned into a beautiful masterpiece! It so complimented April's story I couldn't help but look at it again and again.

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This 'zine is well worth the cost. Very in-character Jim and Blair.

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Second "first-time"! :-)


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