Best of Alyjude, Vol. 1

Title: Best of Alyjude, Vol. 1


Author: Alyjude




Page Count: 160


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover and interior art by K9

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $20.00 (US) * $25.00 (Canada) * $27.00 (Worldwide)



Aly has picked her favorite stories from those she has written and AngelWings Press has compiled them into two volumes.

All stories have been reworked by the author. Volume One's stories include:

Available Online:


Rafe missed IT

He Ain't No Chick

Bluffing With The Big Guys

Through Space And Time

The Dip

Homeward Bound

How Close Is Too Close




Review by Patt - Beautiful zine with gorgeous art.  You have to check it out. 

Rafe missed IT   This is one of my favorites.  Always makes me smile no matter what. 


He Ain't No Chick  Okay, this one is laugh your ass off funny.  I think Iíve read it like 20 times easily.  Iím not telling about each story because I give away too much.  Although I find it hard to believe that someone hasnít read this story yet.  LOL 

Bluffing With The Big Guys  Another great one. Who doesnít love Poker?  Who doesnít love the Guppy?  

Through Space And Time  I honestly canít remember this one.  Now I have to go and reread.  Damn, the things I have to do for Alyjude.

The Dip Blair suddenly decides he wants to play for the other team.  Gosh, Iím so surprised.  You gotta love this man. 

Homeward Bound  Itís been a while since I read this, so letís see if I can remember.  This one is very sad, but as usual, happy ending.  I loved seeing Magnum in it and Beverly Sanchez.  This is pretty long and will keep you on the edge of your seats

How Close Is Too Close  Blair is a rookie cop and makes just a tiny mistake.  Itís too much fun.  You have to read it. 

Why you should buy this 'zine: Who wouldnít want to own a collection of Alyjude stories that they could carry around? 

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: Because youíre insane?????



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