Bedtime Stories 1


Title: Bedtime Stories 1


Author: Lady Ra


Published: May, 2006


Page Count: 173


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Kate Nuernberg. Interior illo by Lilac.


Available From:  Agent with Style

Price:  $23.00 (US) * $27.00 (Can/Mex) * $29.00 (overseas)



In this digest-sized zine, just the perfect size to snuggle into bed with, are tales from the amazing mind of Lady Ra, wherein Jim eavesdrops on an officer threatening Blair in the police headquarters stairwell and prepares to ride to the rescue, only to realize that Blair is fully capable of taking care of himself, and that his best weapons are his mile-a-minute mouth and his anything-goes attitude about sex. And what if Blair met Alex first, so when he does meet Jim, he doesn't exactly think Sentinels are the best thing since sliced bread? These tales and more are in this fantastic zine!


Stories include: Epiphany in a Stairwell, Visiting Alex and Mountain Pass.


Available Online:


Epiphany in a Stairwell

Visiting Alex

Mountain Pass



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