Harmonic Convergence

224 pages

color cover by Lupe Backe

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Agent With Style

Contents/Description: In this huge novel, that was so big we had to put it in two 10-point columns to bring it in under 500 pages, Blue Champagne explores the relationship between Jim and Blair, and how music seems to play so much a part of it. Blair discovers that the reason Jim has demanded he shut up every time Blair sang, even under his breath, was that Jim couldn't help but try to listen, often zoning on the beautiful voice. Once he understands that, Blair experiments with his voice, seeing how Jim responds to it automatically, whether spoken or sung--and he shows Jim how much music is a part of his life. Meanwhile, someone is making a deadly substance that, when cut with heroin, makes the drug doubly dangerous, and is causing deaths all over Cascade. Jim, Blair and Rafe attempt to investigate back up in the woods where several covens share an altar place and gather roots and herbs to distill for essential oils. Getting to know several of the witches, they are drawn into one of the oldest religions known to man--but will any of the Wiccans allow the men to arrest the person making the heroin cut, if it turns out to be one of their own? While they investigate, Jim, Blair and Rafe draw closer together and begin a relationship. But can a fragile bond survive such divergent personalities? And these are only a few of the plots going on in this zine. There are too many more to mention!

Do note that the first half of the novel is Jim/Blair, and the second half is Jim/Blair/Rafe. With a such deft storytelling, you won't be able to put this one down!


Price: $28.00 (US) * $32.00 (Mex/Can) * $33.00 (overseas)

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