Howl of the Wolf 3


Title: Howl of the Wolf 3


Author: Bluewolf


Published: May, 2007


Page Count:


Format: Full Size




Available From: Agent with Style

$29.00 (US) * $33.00 (Canada/Mexico) * $35.00 (overseas)


In these amazing collections of brand-new stories written by Bluewolf, you will visit a world where Blair Sandburg was raised by wolves and humans and has the ability to shapeshift into either form at will; a retelling of what happens when two Sentinels meet -- with a twist ending not to be missed; tales from both Jim's and Blair's spirit guides as they try to explain just how difficult taking care of a Sentinel and a Guide can be, encounter a centuries-old Indian ghost who was killed by white men and wants to take revenge on Blair, and much, much more! From first-time to established relationship, these stories cover the spectrum and show that special love between a cop and observer who are so much more than just their job titles. Don't miss these wonderful zines!


Stories Include:


Introductory Chapter   1
A Slice of Life   11
The Gift   34
Incacha   74
Kidnap   103
A Legal Headache   127
A Safe Harbor   152



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