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BELIEVE by Gillian Middleton
Jim was wearing The Look again. He didn't wear it very often, it could almost be labeled rare, but it made such an impact every time it appeared that Blair had come to label it with capital letters in his mind. Blair knew, he just knew that Jim could not be aware that he was giving him The Look, because no way would Jim Ellison allow so much of himself to be revealed. Oh, and it was revealing, so much so that when he saw it Blair could feel his stomach curl up at the tender beauty of it.
Blair swallowed nervously. For just these moments everything Jim felt about him was etched clearly on his face, all the gentle caring and tender
protective love was blazing out of him, directed solely and exclusively at Blair. As usual the young grad student was completely thrown by this depth of emotion that he wasn't sure he could ever hope to return, and so as usual the moment passed.
(A group of neo-Nazis have been creating ugly scenes around Rainier University Campus, and they target Blair with their hate...)

by DVS
"You still want to go camping?" Ellison asked.
Sandburg thought about it. "Yes," he decided, and then he closed his eyes, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. For once, he was glad Jim insisted on being the driver and he was glad that the Sentinel never had much to say. It was something he needed now, to shut his eyes and shut out the world. He couldn't let his mind go, wouldn't let it drift for fear he would leave himself. Go walking. It frightened him a little, what he had done. What he realized now he could do.
Now he worked hard at going nowhere, focusing on his Sentinel when he felt himself lift away to that other place. Couldn't leave the Sentinel.
(A routine traffic incident.  Jim and Blair come to the assistance of a heart attack victim - too late.  But the psychic experience Blair experiences will have a profound effect on the rest of his life.)

Then I heard about the fiasco in court. Something that he'd kept carefully secret, the fact that he sees and hears better than just about anyone, all of a sudden he was waving that around like a red flag. For the first time, I did some actual research into such things. I remembered a study based in Ranier that a local news station publicized a year or two back, where eye exams given to student athletes on the first string football team found not one player with 20/20 vision. All of them had 20/15 or better. A comparison with Cascade's pro football team found even better-three young men had vision clocked at 20/05. Almost good enough to make an ID across the length of two football fields.
I did a search of the WCBC's database, and found a transcript of the original news bite. And who did I find quoted as the primary researcher?
Got it in one, didn't you? One Blair Sandburg, B.Sc., MS., teaching assistant at Ranier University.
I did truly hope that Jimmy knew what he was doing.
(Jim Ellison was everything to Carolyn - mentor, friend, lover, husband,
ex-husband.  She knew no one understood Jim better than she-- and that there were parts of him she could never share. She never imagined anyone else could unlock the secret of Jim Ellison, until Blair Sandburg enters the picture.)

To Dream of Emerald Fire by Rosamund Clifford - an epic shamanic poem.

by Joan Enright - (Epilogue to Night Train)
Blair looked up at Jim, realizing he'd been complimented, and spoke softly. "Thanks." Slightly embarrassed, he checked the squash one more time, turned off the heat, then moved away from it. Something else besides the hot water seemed to be heating up the kitchen. He leaned against the refrigerator opposite Jim. "I know what it is about you that would attract any woman."
"I'm listening."
"That build of yours, man. Like a Greek statue. Tarzan would be envious. Women really go for the strong hunky type with a heart of gold."
"Didn't know I had one."
"Yeah, you do. It isn't something you can hide. At least not to someone who cares about you."

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