Fifth Season, Sixth Sense Vol. 3 - Passages

96 pages - digest sized

color cover

six b/w illos by KOZ

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Follows Gris Gris and Retribution

This novella takes place three months after the events in Retribution. Blair is mostly healed from the physical injuries suffered at the hands of Lee Brackett -- but he's still having trouble with the mental and emotional wounds. He gets a lot of strength from his personal studies in shamanism with help from Dan Wolf's uncle, a tribal medicine man. Just before he can embark on his first true vision quest, Blair must help Jim on a special case, protecting famed psychic Joseph Carson, who has received anonymous death threats while on a lecture tour. What Blair comes to learn from Carson is a wealth of knowledge that not only speeds his recovery, but also gives him new direction on his spiritual path.

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Observations of a Slash Slut:


This time we get a guest-star! (For those who know Tami's writing: She's casting her characters, and as the man to whom ghosts talk she envisioned James Spader. But even if you don't know that, you'll have no problems of "seeing" Joseph Carson, her loving and reverent description is dead on.)

The story centers around Blair dealing with past traumata, trying to overcome the terrible things that happened in Retribution, at the same time trying to be a true partner to Jim, who is chosen to "babysit" a medium. No surprise that after Charlie Spring he's a bit wary at the prospect of having to deal with yet another not very reliable person, to put it politely. What comes as a surprise is that Carson actually is what Charlie just pretended to be.

And he's in actual danger too, because someone wants to kill him before he can reveal a killer's secrets.

But this is just one aspect of this truly captivating story. Again, the "minor characters" get their place in the spotlight, little gems of scenes that flesh out the story so that I had to finish it despite jetlag and exhaustion. Finally it's spirits of the past that help Blair into a deeper understanding of his purpose, his fate and they help him deal with past hurt.

Tami does what every good script writer should do (alas, they don't!): She refers back to the TV-show without being repetitive, thus giving the reader points of connection that made it impossible for me to put the zine down until I had finished it. Her next novella in this series is in the planning stages. I so hope she hurries!

Warning: Actually that's a no-warning: Blair's hair has mostly grown back!

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