Past, Present and Future Sense

163 pages (includes some ads)

color cover

b/w interior manips & screen grabs Jenny Saypaw

Zine Information

Available From: Agent With Style or Blackfly Presses


An AU zine with ten stories set in the past, present or future. Zine includes Sentinel-themed puzzles/games and a cartoon story. 

Within the pages of this zine, you'll find ancient Indian legends, international space stations, a gay cop, gene-splicing, a stoned hooker, and even the Old West, in a crossover with The Magnificent Seven! From hot, sweaty sex to sweet, pure loving, whether in a past life, an alternate present or a possible future, Blair and Jim always manage -- somehow -- to find one another.  


Stories include:

1.... Pre-Civlized,  by Bog - During the Stone Age, the language of love is eloquent even before words are

2.... Maze of Time
,  by Jenny Saypaw - Help Blair find his way to Jim.

3.... Behind the Legend,  by Jenny Saypaw - Blair's research into a Stó:lo legend draws him into reliving a past life at the end of the Ice Age.

15.... A Magnificent Obsession,  by Lianne Burwell - The Sentinel / Magnificent Seven crossover.  In the old West, Garrett Kincaid uses rancher Jim Ellison and his new protoge tenderfoot, Blair Sandburg, to lure Vin Tanner and his six friends into a trap.

43.... For Every Thing There Is a Season,  by Bog - Only a few years ago, "The Sentinel" was still in production.  What might have happened if the characters had found out that their lives were dictated by TV

47.... Stoned Love,  by Stormy - In the present day, but in a very different universe, a gay cop, a stoned
hooker and a faulty condom spell disaster.

56.... Deli Lunch Order Puzzle
,  by Nightowl - Logic Puzzle involving the Bull Pen gang's lunch orders.

57.... Toonish AUs,
  by Bog - Blair has a few objections to Jim's choice of toonish fantasies.

65.... We Are One
,  by DragonGuide - Why is a Shaman stalking Jim, Blair and Jim's daughter?

75.... Journey Onto Tomorrow
,  by Eagle Eye - How do you survive the end of everything you've ever known? Where do you find the hope to begin again?

90.... The Thief Wore Four Different Colors
,  by Nightowl - Logic puzzle.

91.... Space Ranger
,  by Toshua - During reconstruction of the International Space Station, Ranger Jim Ellison
must deal with a different kind of class project.

111.. Full Circle
,  by Forest Green - In the not-too-far future, the science of gene-slicing has been used to create the perfect soldier.  When this artificially produced man is damaged, the army gives him to the Cascade Police.

,  by Bog - Natural talent made obsolete by technology is now the only hope of ships
stranded in subspace by terrorist sabotage.



Price: Agent With Style - $23.00 (US) * $27.00 (Canada/Mexico) * $28.00 (overseas)

            Blackfly Presses - $21.57 (US)  * $34.60 (Other)

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