Previous Loves

154 pages

cover and interior art by TACS

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution

After the near drowning incident, Blair wakes up in the hospital and finds that Jim has been barely there and refuses to see him now. Feeling as if his whole life is finished with Jim, Blair contacts people who have acted as surrogate parents during the years whenever Naomi traveled. Going to their security, Blair leaves Cascade to write his dissertation but leaves specific instructions to Simon not to tell Jim where he is at...

Includes a brand new story that was not on the net, "Whiskey's new bone".

Price: $26.00 (US) * $31.00 (Other)


Observations of a Slash Slut:

I missed this when it was on the 'net, so it was new to me! A nice story overall. Lots of mysticism. Quite angsty, but definitely enough comfort to compensate! As AMC's description reads, Blair does leave Cascade to finish his dissertation and to heal from the wounds, both mental and physical, he suffered after drowning. For those of you concerned about the length of time the guys are separated, they are physically back together on page 72 to begin healing their connection. Lots of hot sex ensues! In case you are wondering about these "previous loves", they are Blair's from many years past. There is mention of his physical relationship with them, but I didn't think it took away from the J/B aspect of the story at all. Blair was involved with male/female twins (yes, at the same time - a threesome!). He lost them and the child they produced to illness contracted in Columbia. They return to Jim and Blair in the spirit world to guide them in their new relationship and to give Blair closure. If you are suddenly thinking "Ack, incest!" try not to go there. I'm fairly squickable about that theme and I wasn't getting those vibes at all. The author does a great job presenting that aspect of the story.

Whiskey's New Bone makes up the last 12 pages of the 'zine. This has not been on the 'net and is a wonderful addition to the Previous Loves universe. A cute, humorous story in which Blair is dog sitting. Could also be an epilogue of sorts for Previous Loves. Very nice way to end the 'zine.

The cover and the two interior color pieces by TACS are, of course, beautiful. AMC has done something a little different with this 'zine: throughout they have included small b/w's of some of TACS art previously featured in other 'zines. I didn't count, but they seem to be every 7 - 10 pages. It's a very lovely addition!

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