Reflections of Rafe

178 pages

colour cover by K9
interior b/w art by Bettina and Geli

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution

Contents/Description: All stories in this anthology center around Detective Rafe

Where No Angel Fears To Tread ....1
by Shorts

Through The Darkness To The Light ....20
by Loonywoif

Oh Brother ....45
by Ramblin' Rose

Undercover Innocence ....72
by Angelise, DarkCherry and Mega McKay

Young Detective Friend ....119
by Ophelia

Dangerous Vacation ....133
by VampyrAlex

Just Another Christmas ....143
by Hazel

Price: $21.00 (US) * $26.00 (Other)

Observations of a Slash Slut:

Just some basics here. Hope it helps!

Where No Angel Fears To Tread
In time of crisis, Rafe must be strong.
Simon/Rafe established couple. Daryl learns of his dad's and Rafe's relationship.

Through The Darkness To The Light
The sequel to 'Into the Dark', found in Whispers of the Heart III
Riddick/Rafe established couple.

Oh Brother
Rafe and his lover have a secret to keep.
Steven Ellison/Rafe establish couple. Rafe is concerned about how Jim will react when he learns he is dating his bro!

Undercover Innocence
Rafe meets a dark stranger, a man that will capture his heart and change his life.
Rafe/original character Kai.

Dangerous Vacation
Rafe and Simon plan to go on a quiet vacation together, but things don't turn out the way they planned.
Simon/Rafe established couple. Oh, my! Rafe and Simon have a "Jim/Blair" kind of vacation!

Just Another Christmas
Secrets learned, secrets shared.
Joel/Rafe first time. Rafe has a past which comes back to haunt him. Joel owies!

Review  by Patt

The cover is done by The Divine Miss M. K-9 is an all time fave of mine and this is great. Rafe has never looked so sweet and vulnerable. Great job, M. I love it. Thank you.

Bettina has numerous cartoons through the zine and they're darling. You know it took me awhile to get used to her stuff, but I really like them now. And she makes them fun too. Good job, Bettina. Thank you.

Geli, what can I say? This piece with Rafe and the character, Kai is just beautiful. It took my breath away. Very, very nice. So sweet and sexy. Thank you.

Where No Angels Fear To Tread By Shorts

Rafe and Simon are a couple. Okay, this is one of the parts and I loved it.


Thank god! exclaimed Blair. He jumped up and grabbed Rafe, hugging him tight.

Rafe was startled as he looked down at Blair and then over at Jim. "Guys?"

"You are never to leave again," said Blair, releasing Rafe and sitting back down with obvious relief.

End Snip.

Well, the thing is, he was gone for a while and Simon drove everyone up the walls. Gosh, this was a cute story. Very sweet and sexy. You'll all love it.

Thanks, Shorts.


Through the Darkness to the Light By Loonywoif

An AU story that I can't find my damn notes on. So I might have to read it again. Shit. I hate when I misplace things. I had notes for four different zines. What a pisser. (I'm so good with words, aren't I?)

I'll try to update this as I go on.


Oh Brother By Ramblin' Rose

Okay, I don't normally say anything about my own things, but I have to say that I had a blast writing this one and it reads nicely. I loved the storyline. Who would have thought of Rafe and Steven Ellison, right? Well actually Lisa, Duncan's Twin did. So the credit must go where it's due. Anyhow, I ran with the story and it turned out pretty nicely. I think you'll all like it a lot. It's a lot different than my funny stuff. So if you're looking for funny, this isn't one of those. It's serious.

Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn. Sorry everyone. Hee hee.


Undercover Innocence By Angelise, DarkCherry and Megan McKay

Well girls, you did a fabulous job on this one. Kai is a great character. I really fell in love with him big time. Everyone else will too.

This story moves along so fast that you forget you have other things to do. Like cook, clean, work. Hell, I don't need to stinkin work. Seriously, you'll love it. I'm not saying anymore than that. It's a great read, and easy read. Try it, you'll like it.

Thanks, girls.


Young Detective Friend By Ophelia

M, I love the way you brought Jim and Blair into the story, helping Rafe out. This is a great story of Rafe finding the courage to make his move on Simon. I really, really liked this one a lot.

Then when Joan sends Simon the card with the note in it, throwing Simon for a loop, it was just darling. Well, I thought it was. You wrote it so well that I got caught up and I was angry with you when it was all finished. It ended way too quickly.

Everyone is going to love this one. You must read. I'm not giving anymore away. I always give too much away. I'm not going to do that from now on. You're on your own.

Thanks, M.


Dangerous Vacation By VampyrAlex

Oh I just loved this one, Alex. It was full of all of the things I love. Angst, love, lust, and longing. All there for us to have whenever we want to read. It's a wonderful story about Simon and Rafe on vacation. Did someone once say that Blair was a trouble magnet? I think not. It might be Simon or Rafe.

I'm not going to tell you what happens, but it's very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. You'll all love it for sure. You'll finish it in one sitting, because you won't be able to stop. I loved it. You will too.

Thank you, Alex.


Just Another Christmas By Hazel

This story is about Joel and Rafe. Very different, and very nice. So sad. I found myself feeling bad in numerous places. There is no death or anything like that. Just loneliness felt by all.

Brian Rafe is having nightmares and I'm not saying why. I'm telling you, I'm not giving all this stuff away from now on. You have to guess or read it yourself. But very tense moments while reading those parts let me tell you.

They all end up at an art exhibit, which I won't tell you about either, but it sounded wonderful. I could picture it in my mind. I loved this story.

Joel tells Brian about his late wife and their relationship. It was so sweet. I really liked this person and she wasn't really even in the story that much. But you couldn't help but like her. She was Joel's best friend.

The story goes on to tell us about how Joel and Brian become close and where they go with it. It's a great read. You'll like it a lot.

Thanks, Hazel.

Why you should buy this 'zine:
If you love Rafe, then this is the zine for you!

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:
If you're looking for just Jim and Blair, you might want to pass.


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