Rhythms Of The Heart

103 pages

color cover and interiors by K9

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution

Contents/Description: Includes ‘Heartbeats' (published in Essential Sentinel 2) and the follow up stories ‘Over the Moon' and ‘Tender Is The Night.'

It all began very early one rainy morning when a missing Blair's six year old son lands on Jim's doorstep unexpectedly. Ten years later, Eli is on the brink of manhood, and tells his fathers he's found his Sentinel, a young cop named Nick Luna.

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Price: $18.00 (US) * $23.00 (Other)

Observations of a Slash Slut:

I would like to heartily recommend a mostly new TS slash 'zine by J.M. Griffin titled Rhythms of the Heart.

I say 'mostly new' because the first two parts can be located on the archive. I'm not sure if these parts have been revised for the 'zine (but I'm very glad they were included!). It looks like the new parts begin on page 49.

In this story Blair had joined the academy but quit only days later, leaving Jim and Cascade behind for a new life abroad. Years pass, then one day Jim returns home from work to find he has been entrusted with the care of Blair's young son, Eli. There follows some trials and tribulations of parenthood. I suppose, by definition, this is a 'kid fic' and I know some don't like that, but this just didn't have that feel to me. I ached for Jim as he sometimes stoically/sometimes emotionally regretted the mistakes he and Blair had made that separated them. I also really enjoyed this author's interpretation of the evolution of the Major Crime gang and Jim's life. The parts found in the archive end with Blair's return, about six months after Eli comes to live with Jim.

The new part in the 'zine picks up years later, when Eli is 16. From here the story mostly focuses on Eli and Nick, though we get plenty of Jim and Blair, too. I quickly came to love these original characters. The story had a neat feel. One thing I really liked, though I don't know if it was the author's intent or just my perception, was that it was almost like getting an AU of what could have happened between Jim and Blair at that age. But it's even better because we get *our* Jim and Blair being together while at the same time we get this neat glimpse into 'what could have been' by seeing it actually happen to Eli. That sense of 'this could have been Jim and Blair' doesn't distract in any way from Eli's story or character, though. I found myself quite entranced with Eli and Nick's evolving relationship. I would be very interested in reading more from this universe as they continue to mature and learn to love and live together.

An additional bonus in this 'zine is the gorgeous art by K9. The color cover is absolutely stunning (it's not sexually graphic). There are several (five I believe) full page black & white interior illos. The duel portrait of Eli and Nick is beautiful. I'm half in love with Nick myself! LOL!

I really didn't mean to read this 'zine right away, as I have a stack of unread 'zines waiting for some spare moments, but the art drew me in and then the story wouldn't let go! It went much too quickly -- I found I couldn't put the 'zine down -- and I was actually sad to see the story end, even though I felt like *their* story was just beginning.

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