Sense of Discovery


Title: Sense of Discovery


Author: Barbara Nice-Miller


Published: May, 2006


Page Count: 226


Format: Full Size - Double Column


Cover/Art: Color cover by Lorraine Brevig.


Available From:  Agent with Style

Price:  ?



Lost and Found - After Blair is unknowingly poisoned, then leaves on a solo camping trip, it's up to a flu-stricken Jim to find him before it's too late.


Road to Recovery - Jim is severely injured in a hit/run accident and may never walk again. The Sentinel and his Guide become closer, deepening their relationship, while struggling to deal with this.


A Shot in the Dark - A case of mistaken identity on Jim's part leads to a near-fatal error for Blair.


When Love and Hate Collide - After another close call, Jim decides Blair is better off without him. It's a decision that changes both their lives.


Time Marches On - When Dawson Quinn escapes from prison, he has one thing on his mind: revenge on Jim. But it's Blair that pays the price.


You Take the Pain Away - Blair's headache is the catalyst that brings the two men together.


Picture Perfect - (AU) During an undercover assignment to catch a serial killer, Detective Jim Ellison meets male model photographer Blair Sandburg - who happens to be his main suspect.


Behind the Badge - (AU) When KCDE reporter Blair Sandburg teams up with Detective Jim Ellison, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly situation.


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Lost and Found

Road to Recovery

A Shot in the Dark  Part 2

When Love and Hate Collide

Time Marches On  Part 2

You Take the Pain Away

Picture Perfect

Behind the Badge


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