The Sensual World 2

208 pages
cover by Geli



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A Different Choice by Dovya Blacque - What if Jim had reacted differently to Blair's dissertation being leaked to the public? A different take on TSbyBS.

A Golden Opportunity by Dolimir - Grad student Blair Sandburg's fictional novel about a designer drug called "Golden" turns out to not only be based on facts of which he had no knowledge, but marks everyone who's read it as a target. Detective Jim Ellison, working on a Golden-related death case with Vice, comes face-to-face with the young man who has encountered more trouble in one day than he'd experienced in his entire short life.

Business Sense by Gena Fisher - Global International needs the land owned by the reclusive Jim Ellison, a man who absolutely refuses to sell his precious land. So, figuring he'd have the best chance of dealing with Ellison, Global sends in their resident anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, to talk some sense into the man. An accident, an unexpected meeting and a very large dog figure into a surprising joining of two very different men.

Learning Curve by Dovya Blacque - It's Dr. Blair Sandburg's forty-first birthday and he's spending it enmeshed in the usual university tasks; meeting the dean for dinner, teaching a new class. Everything seems the same as usual, if a little more depressing, considering what day it is. Until Blair meets one of his new students, a cop on leave from Cascade PD to finish his degree in Criminology. A man nearly ten years Blair's junior who claims to have heightened senses.

Make Up Sex by Akablonded - A meditation on the wonder that is Blair Sandburg by a very besotted Jim Ellison.

That Face by Dovya Blacque - When a short-haired, calmer version of Blair Sandburg appears in front of Jim Ellison's desk one long day, the facts point in two directions: Blair's clone has walked into Major Crime, or the man standing in front of Jim's desk is Blair's twin brother.

To Serve & Protect by Garnet - A meditation on the lack of wonder that was Jim Ellison before Blair Sandburg entered his life. and how that amazing presence has changed him.

Prose & Poetry
by Garnet, Khylara and Starr Copeland

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Mkashef $25.00 (US)

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