The Sensual World 3

178 pages

art by Geli and Alayne



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Available From: MKASHEF Enterprises and Agent With Style


First Impression by KAM

In between the cracks of what happened at the end of Switchman. More clicked between sentinel and guide than we saw!

Foote’s Roost by Dovya Blacque

An apology picnic turns into more than a simple apology once Jim starts focusing in a bit too much on his guide. A look inside the workings of the distractedly focused, happily jumbled mind of Detective Ellison.

Sharing Secrets by Anne Light

Spending time with Jim and Blair leads Naomi to a false assumption about their relationship, which Jim overhears. The unwritten code which states ‘You must give your partner shit about things his mother says’ comes into play and some revelations are shared.

A Reason To Kill by Bluewolf

A gruesome killing leads Detective Sandburg to look to a group of old friends for help, friends he’s known for… centuries. Truths are unmasked and Jim and Blair will never be the same again.

The Shelter Of Your Arms by akablonded

The shooting of a young police officer has Jim deeply considering his feelings for Blair… who has gone off to regroup, to figure out what he needs to do with his life and the possibility that his life may lead him away from Cascade.

Night Of A Lifetime by Ami

While waiting to meet an informant, Jim and Blair have the opportunity to discuss things they’ve never discussed before… to learn things about each other they’d never known before.

The Spirit Is Willing by Gena Fisher

Occult authority Prof. Blair Sandburg arrives at the manor of Mrs. Megan Connor in the wild west of 1873, to join a gathering that includes the unsavory Mr. Lee Brackett, his occultist cohort, Madam Baranov… and Mr. Brackett’s cousin, their unwilling ace-in-the-hole, Mr. James Ellison, who suffers from strange, debilitating “spells” that allow him to speak to the spirits.

Sleeping Weather by afropuff

Exactly as the title suggests, Jim and Blair sleep in during a rainy day off… or at least they stay in bed.

Troubled Water by Anne Light

Having finally buried Jack Pendergrast, Jim finds himself revealing things to Blair about his old partner, and about himself, that lead Blair to a new sense of hope.

Good Fortune by Dovya Blacque

A Fortune Cookie, a strange case, a mild cold, a small storage locker and some new consideration make Jim Ellison a puzzled, but enlightened, boy.

Poetry by Khylara, Valaria, Allisa Raven Stark, Lisa Curtis, Sharon Gladstone, Starr Copeland


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Mkashef $25.00 (US)

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