The Sensual World 4

196 pages

Color cover by Alayne; Interiors by Akablonded



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Available From: MKASHEF Enterprises and Agent With Style  (NOTE:  Available 08-25-2005 exclusively from Agent With Style until further notice.)


ONE POINT SHOT  by Anne Light -- Early on in their relationship, Blair challenges Jim to a one-on-one basketball game. But Jim's hesitant agreement to the match just be a fatal error.

TWELVE STEPS TO INSANITY by LilyK -- Someone's playing out all the cases that Jim and Blair have worked together. Is this someone taking revenge on Jim? Or is it something. stranger?

POTENT by Dovya Blacque -- An early day away from the PD has Jim arriving at the loft a little too early. So early in fact, he overhears something he was never, ever meant to overhear.

A MATTER OF TIMING by Legion -- There's something unique about Blair, something one egomaniacal, power-hungry billionaire will do anything and everything to have for his own.

TO GUIDE AND PROTECT by Chris J. Ueberall -- What if the tables were turned between Sentinel Jim Ellison and Guide Blair Sandburg?

APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY by KAM -- Detective James Ellison is the only witness to a crime but he can't remember anything about it. Enter one Dr. Blair Sandburg to help him regain his memories.

A DANGLING CONVERSATION by Dovya Blacque -- Jim and Blair are arguing. They've been arguing for days. Trouble is, neither knows what the argument is about and neither can stop it.

FAMILY TIES by Anne Light -- Naomi's visit left more repercussions than Jim had realized. She's said something to Blair and Blair won't tell him what it was but, whatever was said, it's caused a change in his friend. and he's determined to figure out what and why.

Poetry by Valaria, C.J. Ueberall, Rolaine and Dovya Blacque

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Mkashef - Prices from Mkashef Enterprises will differ eventually.

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