The Sensual World 5

Title: Sensual World 5


Author: Multi




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Format: Full Size


Cover/Art:  Cover by Suzan Lovett. Interior Art by Lisa Adolph and Romanse.

Available From:  MKASHEF Enterprises and Agent With Style 

Price:  Agent With Style - $32.00 (US) * $36.00 (Can/Mex) * $38.00 (overseas)
             Mkashef - $26.00


Taking Care by Anne Light - When Blair interferes in Jim's life one too many times, the sentinel not only bristles, he finds a new understanding of his guide.

The Tongues of Angels by Dovya Blacque - Disrupted sleep caused by too many horrible cases gets to both sentinel and guide, but Blair has an insight to Jim's dreams, because Jim's been talking in his sleep.

Endurance by Rae Evans - Blair's into a little sex play with some mysterious person.

Star Child by Workaholic - Were Jim and Blair truly meant to be together? It could be written in the stars.

Visions in Time by LilyK - Blair's having visions that make him sick. Jim's adament about getting him help, Blair's just as adament that he needs the visions to solve their current case.

Web of Deceit by KAME - A professor of Blair's has to cancel his trip and offers it to Blair instead; a trip to Las Vegas.

Epiphanies by Theresa Kyle - Carolyn comes to the loft to be interviewed by Blair for his paper.

Damaged Goods Natalie L - In a world in which sentinels and guides are an ordinary part of society, Jim loses his guide and goes searching for another.

At Twice the Price by Dovya Blacque - A not-so-happy surprise awaits Jim and Blair in the morning paper; they've tied as Cascade's number one choice for Most Elagiable Bachelor.

Poetry by Starr Copeland, Adina Gallant and Serene Knoweles.

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