Title: Storm


Author: Legion




Page Count: 350


Format: Full Size - Double Column


Cover/Art: Color cover & interiors and over 90 B/W interiors by Lilac.

Available From: Requiem

Price:  $59.00 (US) * $70.00 (Canada) * $80.00 (Worldwide)


This volume specially produced as a collectors edition.

A Sentinel / Quantum Leap crossover novel in three parts by Legion.

Storm Signs and Eye of the Storm (parts 1 & 2) have been previously published but have been rewritten by the author and newly edited.

Suggested by saraid's ‘Panther & Chief' story, but you do *not* have to have read it to enjoy this novel.

Completely stands alone.

A horrific life awaits Jim and Blair if things don't change, but the only man who can change the future, Quantum Leaper Sam Beckett, is long dead and mourned by his old friend, Admiral Al Calavicci. Or is Sam dead? Jim and Blair receive warnings, Al receives hints his friend may still live, and things begin to change. But is it enough, or does another enemy lurk in the wings? And how could Sam be alive, and where?

J/B, S/A only.

Some graphic violence/sexual torture, but plenty of romance, spiritual growth and love that crosses Time. No ‘kink.'

Double column format means plenty to read.

Available Online:


Storm Signs


Eye of the Storm


Facing the Storm




Why you should buy this 'zine:


The story is one of Legion's best. It's a complicated romance as well as a complicated mystery/science fiction tale, based on theories of how time might work, and with spiritual overtones that raise subtle questions for the reader. it is not preachy, but continues the themes of Good and Evil that were part of Quantum Leap.

Lilac did 104 illustrations for this novel, not just photo manips, but real illustrations as photocollages that enhance the book. It's almost a graphic novel, a one of a kind book unmatched in any fandom.

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