Title: Sweet Sensations


Author: Multi




Page Count: 183


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art:  Featured artist MadByrd, with more illos by Creed Cascade and TJ.

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11 brand new, unpublished Sentinel slash stories all written by Creed Cascade and TJ. Many stories focused on relationship, with many first time stories, but also includes everything from an Alternate Universe to humor pieces.

Trespasser Blair/Jim.  NC-17.

Summary:  Someone from Blair's past returns intent on getting him back.

Teaser:  If Ellison didn't know what a find he had in Blair then he would gladly take him away from all this.

Spirituality Blair/Jim.  NC-17.

Summary:  Ever wondered what would happen if their Spirit Guides had more of an impact on the bond between Jim and Blair?

Teaser:  We sorta have a new development with the whole Sentinel-Guide thing, Sir, Blair groaned.  A big one.

Blair-Kitty Blair/Jim.  NC-17.  Humour.

Summary:  Blair drinks one too many special herbal teas.

Teaser:  "Jiiiimm..." Blair called from the sofa where he was lounging.  He'd stretched the name out, almost like a purr and batted sleepy blue eyes up at his Sentinel.

Finding My Way Again Blair/Jim.  R.

Summary:  Blair wonders if he can make a new life with Jim after the impact of the conference.

Teaser:  He could feel everyone's eyes on him and he flushed.  He'd worked so hard to get accepted by these men.  It hurt to know that hard-won acceptance was gone.

Aftermath Blair/Jim.  NC-17.  Episode related: Cypher

Summary:  Is Blair really recovered from the attack by Lash?

Teaser:  He was dreaming. He knew he was dreaming. Because Lash was dead. Jim had killed him. But if Jim had killed him then why was he still strapped to that chair?

Providence Blair/Jim.  NC-17

Summary:  Blair is the target of hate crimes at the police academy.

Teaser:  Hed taken a lot of razzing from the other recruits, most of it meaningless, but nothing on this level before.

Boredom Blair/Jim.  NC-17.  Episode related: Vow of Silence.

Summary:  Blair takes Jim to a monastery to help sharpen his senses with none of Jim's usual electronic toys in tow.  Jim finds a new toy.

Teaser:  "Uh uh, man. No way. This is a monastery. A monastery. You even think about sex here and Brother Jeremy will know about it." Blair shook his head adamantly in denial, hoping his Sentinel would take no for an answer just once.

Colliding With The Past Blair/Jim.  NC-17.

Summary:  Blair meets some of Jims old army buddies.

Teaser:  Maybe hed pick up some stories that would help explain Jims past.  Whenever Blair brought it up, Jim would clam up tight.  As Blair heard the laughter drifting through the door, he smiled.  No clamming up tonight, he thought as he turned the knob.

Road Trip Crossover with "Fastlane".  Blair/Jim.  Van Ray/ Deaqon Hayes.  NC-17.

Summary:  A pair of new undercover cops come to town.

Teaser:  Give me one reason not to blow your head off right now! Deaq demanded.  Hed woken up to notice first of all that he was alone in bed and secondly after searching the room that Ellison was crotched over Van.  They were both in boxers and Ellison was touching an obviously upset Van.

The Sentinel's Wife Blair/Jim.  NC-17.  Humour.

Summary:  Blair's tired of being treated as Jim's "wife".

Teaser:  Brown and Rafe looked at each other than back at Blair. "Uh, you don't normally ask wives along," Rafe ventured. "It sorta kills the whole bachelor party mood, you know?"

Omega Blair/Jim.  NC-17.  Alternate Universe.

Summary:  Jim is a Sentinel that has been looking for a Guide among the female population of Guides for many years.  He instantly bonds with a stranger... Blair.

Teaser:  It was a guy.  She remembered his shocked face when Jim had just walked up to him and started sniffing him.

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