Synergy 1


Title: Synergy 1

Author: Multi




Page Count: 175


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color art cover by Barbara Nice-Miller

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Sandburg We're Not In Shangri-La Anymore by Emrys (Established relationship, 43 pages)

    "Um, we're with Altitude Airlines.  I'm Jack Duncan and this is Janet Birch."  At Blair's questioning look, the man continued, "Ah, our company runs small charter service flights over most of the Americas, Europe and Asia."   The man nervously cleared his throat and exchanged another telling glance with his companion.  "We're sorry to inform you that one of our flights went down yesterday somewhere between Nepal and Tibet."
    They spoke together as Blair's mind went blank.  The man was still talking but Blair didn't hear anything after Nepal.  Jim's arm came around him and pulled him back against the hard chest.  He stood woodenly in Jim's embrace, trying to decipher the sounds emerging from the moving lips.
    "My mom was in Nepal for a retreat," he said quietly and felt his lover's arm tighten around his chest.

Travel along with Jim and Blair as they journey to the far reaches of Nepal in search of Naomi.  Along the way, they uncover answers that will affect both their personal lives and their Sentinel/Guide bond.  A lovely story of love and overcoming obstacles.

Things That Go Hump In The Night by Gloria Ruggeri (Established relationship, 5 pages)

    Once again I sighed, sure that I was going to die in this bed of sexual frustration. I began to flash on the headlines of tomorrow's Cascade Post:
        One Of Cascade's Finest Found Dead Beneath Enormous Unsated Erection.
    I once again began to wrestle with my conscience, rifling through my mind for something-- anything - that would relieve this torture.  I've come to learn, however, that the size of my penis greatly affects my ability to think clearly.  I was in trouble here.

What happens when Jim wakes up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on that just won't be put off?  Better yet, what happens to his innocent partner asleep beside him?  One of Gloria's hottest.  Love, lust and sex in the wee small hours of the morning.  Join the fun.

I's Not All Guns And Roses by Tiger Tyger (Established relationship, 128 pages)

    The Sentinel was already moving, breaking into a run, before his mind could even take in what was happening.
    A woman's torso hung out of the top-floor window, her long hair even now beginning to smoke from the flames that were moving ever closer.  It was her apartment that seemed to be taking the brunt of the devastating blaze and orange-red flames licked from all the other windows.  She was obviously trapped; there was no way to get to the fire escape even if the corroded metal could be trusted to hold her weight.
    It was the very calmness of her actions at that moment that caught Jim's attention and locked his eyes onto the bundle she held in her arms.  A girl, her mouth opened in an unending howl of terror, gasping for breath in the hot, smoky air that billowed around her.  In that very moment, the Sentinel could see the resolution in her mother's face - that the agony inherent in that flame would not touch her child--and then the little girl was falling to the hard, unforgiving surface of the concrete sidewalk beneath.

This novella length story is Tiger Tyger at her best.  What happens when Sentinel and Guide form the ultimate bond and begin their lives together as partners in every sense of the word?  Not an ordinary hum-drum existence, you can be sure.  When fate - and a terrible fire - expand the Ellison/Sandburg household in ways they never dreamed possible, Jim and Blair deal head-on with issues of love, loyalty, friendship and family.  Share their journey; get drawn in to their every day travails of work and family life; grow breathless from the loving demonstrations of their endless passion; revel in their unshakable bond of love.  This is a story you will become so drawn into, you won't want it to end.


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Review by Patt

Cover Art by Barbara Nice-Miller

As always the cover by Barb is beautiful. I just love when the spirit animals are included. I really love the way that you make it look almost 3-D. I love that effect. It works great. Great work, Barb, thank you very much.

Sandburg Weíre Not In Shargri-La Anymore By Emrys

First of all let me state that I normally hate any type of climbing stories. (Itís an irrational fear of heights for me.) At any rate, Iím so very glad that I was not as close-minded as I could have been and have been in the past. (Thanks to Landis, who taught me that you can read a story about heights without actually falling yourself.)

This is a wonderful, exciting story that I wonít tell you much about because it would ruin it for you.

Emrys very easily drew me into the story. Some writers are blessed and can make any story interesting. I felt this the moment I was pulled into the excitement, the tension, the drama, the sadness and joy.

Did I mention the tons of hot sex in this story? Well I do need to mention it in passing if nothing else. Consider it mentioned. Where is that damn fan? Where is that damn hubby?

Thanks Emrys. I truly enjoyed this story.

Things That Go ĎHumpí In The Night By Gloria Ruggeri

Jim wakes from an erotic dream and doesnít want to wake an exhausted Blair.

He decides he might be able to just hump him without waking him up. I roared while I read this part. It was wonderful. You just have to read it.

Then finally Blair speaks, the little shit was awake, the whole time. He tells Jim to just take what was his.

Jim does just that. Glo, this is one hot damn story. I had a blast as usual. Thank you, very much.

PS: Did I mention it was too short? Okay, itís mentioned, I hope you learned a lesson and will give me longer ones from here on in. Now go, write, create and make them long. (Get your mind out of that gutter woman.)

Itís Not All Guns and Roses By Tiger Tyger

Jim saves a little four-year-old girl and they become very attached. She wonít go with anyone else but Jim. He loves this child. In saving the child, he is hurt and I wonít say anymore about that, because it would ruin the story for you. While Jim is healing Blair contacts everyone and they see about Angel coming to live with them. The State decides that it might work for a temporary solution. Jim and Blair want more, but will start here. The Case Worker knows about their relationship and is all right with that. Especially when she sees how well they do with the child. She really is a sweet child; youíll love her after about ten pages. I know that I was completely hooked.

At this point, I was on page 64 of the story and the last line on that page had me sobbing. (Damn you Tyger, I will get you for this.)

Tiger takes you to a life with Jim and Blair like youíve never read or maybe even thought about them being in before. And someone else comes into the story later on, and joins the little family, making their lives even more complete.

This is a story of wonder, love, lust, friendship, family and children. Every word of it will keep you going until the very end.

I was seriously disappointed at the end, though. I could have read about 300 more pages at least. (Are you listening, Tyger?)

No matter who you are, youíre going to find something in this story that will make you feel. And thatís what most important about reading to me. I need to feel something for the characters, for the story, for myself. And I honestly donít think anyone could read this and not feel. Tyger, you always make me feel and for this, I thank you.

Now I just need to save up for the second and third one. Woo Hoo. I canít wait.

Review by Serena

Sandburg, We're Not in Shangri-la Anymore by Emrys
The author does a fantastic job describing the cruel conditions during a treking tour through the Himalaya - Jim and Blair, already lovers, rush to Nepal when Naomi's plane crashes and she is reported missing. Together they make it to the crash site, Sentinel senses being a big help in detecting the plane wreck despite horrible weather conditions and illnesses. Very well done! They do find the body... but there is no rescue and whatever happened to a second passenger is never disclosed (even though there's an editor's note still in my copy of the zine, asking: insert line about second passenger.) Therefore the story left me wanting more, not necessarily a bad thing; Yet I had hoped for a sequel...

Things That Go Hump in the Night by Gloria Ruggeri
A short but VERY very hot hot story - a real gem!! (did I tell you it's a HOT story???)  About a horny Sentinel and a teasing guide. It's a PWP but it's extremely well written and definitely a keeper!

It's Not All Guns and Roses by Tiger Tyger
It's the biggest story, more than 120 pages long.

Well, I am having problems with this story. An explanation: I am not into kid's stories. I manage to read and like Aly's Jake-zines because it's Blair who, when moved out, finds the boy and connects with him.

In this story it's Jim who rescues a four year old girl from a fire. And immediately connects because - the child turns out to be a guide. He applies for custody and they live happily ever after. And if that ain't enough: In the course of a terrible child-abuse case Jim turns out to be the one a twelve year old boy trusts. So that kid joins the happy family. There's the brief mention of some counseling, but when the rich father (who's also the abuser) of the boy, tries to reclaim the child, using his divorced druggie-wife, the whole Ellison-bunch is standing together as one. Sigh.

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