Synergy 2


Title: Synergy 2


Author: Multi




Page Count: 130


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color art cover and interior art by Larrkin

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BACKFIRE by Tiger Tyger (First Time, 30 pages)

    Jim Ellison was not a stupid man, contrary to popular opinion.
    He could be extraordinarily dense, though.
    So it wasn't until his partner had gone on his fifth date with Leslie Warrington, a lovely young ER resident at Cascade General, that the alarm bells started to jangle discordantly in his brain.
    If the repetitive dates weren't enough, and then the overnight stays that soon followed about a month later, then the sudden spate of "Leslie says" and "Leslie thinks" were sufficient to cause Jim's defensive mechanisms to start whirling at light-speed.
    Though it wasn't a new concern, Jim had the vague, alarming worry that one of these days, Blair was going to start a sentence with, "Leslie and I are thinking of...    'Ellison's imagination was more than up to the task of filling in the blank... "moving in together... getting married... having a baby..."  Any of these would suffice to pull the satellite of Blair Sandburg away from the planet of Jim Ellison.  He could hear the mourning tone of a bell sounding the death-knell of their partnership already.

What happens when a possessive Sentinel hatches a "sure-fire" plot to hold on to his Guide?  The title of this fiery HOT story by Tiger Tyger should give you a good indication.  Detective Ellison gets way more than he bargained for when he devises a more "hands-on" approach to keeping his partner by his side. 

PRIMAL SUBMISSION by XFreak (Established Relationship, 8 pages)

    Some time later, the distinct sounds of male lovemaking woke him, his cock alert and searching for a playmate.  Turning his head to the side, grabbing the cloth and dropping it onto the table beside him, he zeroed his sight in on his lover.  Blair still sat at the desk in their shared office, filling out paper work as a set of headphones rested on his shoulders, the volume only loud enough for Jim to hear.
    The grunts and groans traveling the distance between them incited the heavy hardness between his legs to ache, his hearing now tuned to them like a favorite radio station.  Breathing growing heavy, his eyes narrowed as the younger man played innocent, pretending to be oblivious to the effects the sounds had on his lover's body.

Teasing Blair...¶ hungry, horny Jim... and a wild playtime romp which commences when Blair dares to entice the 'Panther' out of its hiding place.  Another great story by X-Freak.

by Gloria Ruggeri  (Established Relationship, 91 Pages)

    "It just feels like we should talk," Jim said awkwardly, shifting his weight from one leg to the other then back again.  "Nothing's been settled."
    "What exactly can we "settle" here?  It happened.  Can't be undone.  You're sorry , I'm hurt, and now we just deal with it.  It'll be fine."
    "Will it?"
    Jim's voice was so soft Blair almost didn't hear him.  It was only two words, making it hard to tell for sure, but Blair couldn't deny the tone sounded tremulous, frightened even.
    A very strong part of Blair wanted to go and wrap his arms around this man that he loved, and ease the depth of hurt that he could see was eating him alive.  For some reason, though, he wasn't able to move forward.  All he could do was stand there, his own pain still too raw to allow him to make the gesture.
    "It'll be fine, Jim," he uttered, needing to say something.  He knew how hard it was for Jim to even ask that question, and he couldn't just leave it lying there unanswered.  "We've been here before.  We'll manage."
    "It wasn't the same before.  I mean yes, it was bad then, too.  It's just... I just feel it's a lot worse now."
    Blair had no response to that.  It was worse.  It was awful.  He had no idea himself just how he'd make this 'fine'.

The pheromone issue rears again for the Sentinel in a way that could destroy all that he holds dear.  Follow along the gut-wrenching path as the lovers struggle tenaciously to stay together when everything seems stacked to tear them apart.  In a society geared towards the 'disposable' - if it breaks down, just replace it - can Jim and Blair hold on when confronted with a situation that holds no easy fixes?  This is a classic drama of individual reflection and joint effort written with so much drama and emotional content, you'll be glued to your seat.


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Gloria's "Strong Enough" in Synergy 2.

My original comment was:
pg 39 - 130, "Strong Enough" by Gloria Ruggeri.
It's hard to tell skimming a long story, but it appears Jim and Blair had sex, then Jim regrets it or has problems with it.  But they are together (like *that* <G>) at the end.

Well.. after finishing it.  All I can say is: ouch!  I wasn't even close....

Blair has long since discovered Jim's problem with pheromones.  Looks like about all Jim's, er, indiscretions - including Alex - are the result of Jim not being able to fight the pheromone attraction.  Apparently the harder he tries, the more the pull.

The story starts out as an established couple. Jim has gone to a conference and has once again fallen victim to the pheromone thing and has sex with a man.  Blair is unable to deal with his feelings, or to even know *what* to feel about what Jim has done.  So, things are really strained between the guys.

Blair decides to go on a date but can't get it up.  Jim confronts him when Blair returns and Blair confesses he was on a date but didn't have sex, though they made out.  Then Blair goes, well, crazy for lack of a better word, and forces (not physically, of course, but Jim is pretty much destroyed by current events and feels unable to not let Blair do what he wants) Jim into some pretty rough sex, including biting to the point of drawing blood and anal tearing.  (That's a warning I feel compelled to make because angry!sex is a squick of mine that maybe others share..)

Jim and Blair are still together at the end, having decided to try and work through and deal with this and any future pheromone problems as they, pardon the pun, arise.

Review By Patt

First of all I have to say thank you to our Daughter Chris, who has once again bought me wonderful Birthday gifts. I truly loved it, Chris. Guess what I want for Motherís Day? Hee hee.

The gorgeous color cover is done by Larrkin. Where in the world was the drool alert? It really needs one. Oh Larrkin, youíll be pleased to know it totally disgusted my hubby. He asked if he was going to have to look at Jimís ass for months, like he did with the Primal Instinct ones. (Heís such a whiner, but heís cute. So I keep him around.)

You all have to see this cover; itís just beautiful. You not only get a nekkid Jim and Blair but you also get the beautiful scenery. Fantastic job, girl.

Page 67

This is a beautiful black and white piece also done by Larrkin. It shows Blair sitting up on the bed in the upper half and Jim lying on the sofa on the lower half. You have to see it to understand how lovely it is. Itís so sad. Iím totally in love with this one.

Backfire By Tiger Tyger

B/f warning.

Blair is getting very serious with a girl named Leslie. Lovely name, but not a lovely girl. In fact, I truly hated her. (Thanks so much, Tiger.) She was a true bitch. And Tiger painted her so well that you easily believe the story. We might have felt sorry for her in another universe. But not in the Jim and Blair universe.

Jim goes and wooís Blair and takes him away from Leslie. But there is always something sad there. I adore the sad and insecure Jim stories. And as usual, Tiger totally rocks with this one.

Well needless to say itís a great story, an easy read and sexy as all get out. Get those fans out girls.

The only thing I have a complaint about is that it wasnít about 30 pages more. She never listens to me. <g> Thank you bunches, Tiger. Everyone is going to love this.

Primal Submission By Xfreak

This is a totally primal story. Jimís more animal side comes out and Blair helps him use it. Blair wants Jim to be rougher and go crazy. Jimís afraid to. So Blair must show him the way.

Turns out Blair loves Primal Jim and Xfreak has written this so hot, I needed a fan to cool down.

She lets us read what Jim thinks about all of it and I found it fascinating. His major concern was if he would hurt Blair, if he let go of his control. And Blair wants it so badly he pushes him as far as he can.

This is a totally fun read. Give and take like youíve never read.

One complaint, J. Why wasnít it longer? Geeze you big ole meanie. Thank you so much, darlin. It was great.

Strong Enough by Gloria Ruggeri

Okay, Iíve thought long and hard on this one and decided that Iím going to put a warning. Just in case someone totally hates angst. This was a major angst story and by the time I was done, I was having ulcer pains. So, if you love angst, this storyís for you. If you donít, then pass. Now Iím going to talk about the story, but not telling too much. I tend to give too much away.

Jim goes to a convention and cheats on Blair. It was a Pheromone thing.

Jim is now thinking about all the people heís slept with before and after he and Blair got together. Very angsty.

When Jim gets to work, he finds out that Blair signed up for the task force. (God, Iím so fucking depressed.) Heís telling everyone heís happy for Blair, but you know heís not. Heís full of shit.

Back at the loft Blair goes upstairs alone to sleep every night and Jim sleeps on the sofa.

Gloria adds little sections with the lyricís from Strong Enough throughout the story. It really works well. Although, I think it made it a little more angsty.

Megan is trying to keep the boys together. Rafe on the other hand is pissed off at Jim, because he witnessed the incident at the convention. So heís trying his hardest to get Blair out on a date.

Jim confronts Rafe and itís just a terrible situation. I felt bad for everyone. Not just Jim and Blair.

Then Megan tried to sweet talk Jim, about the date and so on. But Jim will have none of it. But this time, I felt sorry for Jim. I never thought I would feel sorry for someone, but if you canít be with him, then leave him. Jim suffered a great deal in this story and Iím not even going to put everything in this review.

Blair goes on his so-called Ďdateí and when he comes in at three a.m. Jim isnít there. Jim comes in right after him and Blair gets so angry and tells Jim that he belongs to Blair.

Iím going to stop here because its something you really should read from Gloria, not me. It looses a lot in a review.

I hope Iím not steering you wrong. I loved the story, itís just really a hard story to talk about. But like I said, if you like angst, this is your story. Itís a fantastic one and I think everyone will probably love it.

Thank you, Gloria.

Type of Binding: Itís the old fashioned kind, whatever theyíre called.

Why you should buy this zine: You have to have it for the set. I canít imagine not owning all of them. Not to mention Larrkinís stunning artwork. Okay, and of course the superb stories.

Review By Serena

Backfire by Tiger Tyger
What would the Sentinel do if Blair was falling in love with a woman and that infatuation could turn into something serious? That's the premise and TT does a terrific job of writing a perfect first time story in which Jim is trying everything in his power (and that's a lot) to keep Blair happy as soon as he has him in his bed! It takes the observer a little while to find out why pod-person Jim acts that way - then there's wonderful payback... A beautiful, very sexy story!

Primal Submission by Xfreak
A (too short - drool)  story about primal Jim letting loose in order to please his guide, until the kitty is tamed. Okay, I love that kind of story and it's really very well written, the characters in synch with dialogue and actions. Shoo, go read!

Strong Enough by Gloria Ruggeri
The story is loosely based on and wound around the song"Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man". (That should have warned me, but...) It's about partner betrayal!

Jim's off to a conference with Rafe and on their last day there the Sentinel, under the influence of evil pheromones, fucks a bellboy that had been drooling over him for days. He immediately confesses to Blair when arriving at home and the rest of the 70 pages story is how Blair copes with his hurt (and yes, he too goes on a date), telling Megan all about Jim's unfaithfulness, then finally rationalizing it - but not after he more or less rapes "his" Jim, leaving him torn and bleeding after a heavy session of  so called "lovemaking", until he comes to terms with the fact that sometimes pheromones are bound to lead the Sentinel astray. It ends with both men bantering as if nothing had happened.

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