Synergy 3


Title: Synergy 3


Author: Multi




Page Count: 189


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Barb Nice-Miller. B/W interior art by Larrkin - a HOT B&W pencil drawing for "Danger & Daffodils"

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Separation Anxiety by Emrys

    "What do you want me to say that's going to make this any easier?"  The hard expression didn't change and Blair suddenly knew what it was like to be a soldier who'd screwed up facing a Ranger Captain in pissed-off mode.  His Sentinel was quietly enraged, definitely pushed to the edge of control, he snapped, "Don't start conversations that you don't want to have?  You got that?"
    Guilt invaded every fiber of his being.  Suddenly, he understood what he was looking for from his partner and there was no way Jim could give it to him, even if the big man wanted to.  He was looking for absolution and not only did he not deserve it, he didn't really need it.  They were both doing what they had to.  It wasn't going to be easy.  He just needed to face that fact and let Jim deal with it however he could, or their separation would be life long.
    His eyes locked with the hard blue gaze still studying him.  Jim's expression softened a bit, the glare disappearing as he read the new understanding and acceptance of their situation in his Guide's eyes.  When he spoke there was a hint of humor underlying the command.  "Get on the damn plane, Sandburg."

When Blair is given an opportunity to study Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia, he is torn between the need to go in order to maintain his career as a Doctor of Anthropology at Rainier . . . and his trepidation at leaving his Sentinel's side for such an extended period of time.  Jim, however, is insistent that Blair not turn down this opportunity, forcing them to confront the as yet unknown effects such a prolonged separation between Sentinel and Guide could have on them.  This is a wonderful story by Emrys, dealing with the impact of the difficult separation and the discoveries both Jim and Blair make about themselves, their partnership, and each other during their time apart.

Danger & Daffodils by Tiger Tyger

    He wondered sometimes, as he sat there, watching Blair haggle 'points' and whatnot with the agent, if Blair knew how much he was loved and needed.  Oh, not just for his skills, which were many and desperately needed, but for himself; for the love, affection and pure joy that he brought to everyone around him.  He had managed to take one seriously fucked-up cop, who resisted or denied everything good around him, and turned him into a man.  A real man.  Not someone who had to hide, to suppress, to deny, but someone who longed to give and to show the love that was so deep inside of him.
    Blair understood.
    And for that, Jim would be his servant, his slave, his friend, his rock . . . whatever he needed.
    Because Blair loved him.

This story is a chapter in the popular "Guns & Roses" universe (first introduced in Synergy 1).  Angel and Paulie are settling in with their foster-parents, and Blair decides that it's time to find a bigger home.  Along the way, Jim builds and develops his relationship with his brother, and finally takes down Angel's murderous father.  This story is filled with the love, joy, drama, humor, intensity and heat that has come to define this universe.  Tiger has done her usual incredible job creating a detailed, three-dimensional world that you become so drawn into you are reluctant to leave.

Missing Pieces by Gloria Ruggeri

    "But he's going to be all right?"
    "Yes, Detective, your father is going to be just fine."
    Jim nodded, only a small trace of relief evident in the otherwise tightly held frame.
    "I can show you to his room now if you'd like."
    The doctor moved to stand but then sat down again at Jim's negative nod and mutter of, "No, that won’t be necessary."
    "I'm sorry?" he asked in confusion. 
    "I don't need to see him," Jim reiterated.  "I already called my brother Stephen.  He's flying out from where he was staying in California.  He should be here in a few hours.  In the meantime, if there's any change, you can reach me here."  Jim dug into his pocket and pulled out a card with his name and number on it, then handed it to the befuddled doctor.
    "Jim, what...”," Blair stammered, even more confused than the MD as Jim stood up and gestured for him to do the same.
    "Let's go, Sandburg."

This is an absorbing story that begins where the episode "Remembrance" left off.  It becomes increasingly apparent to Blair that Jim's relationship with his father is more troubled than he originally thought.  When Jim's emotional distress continues long after the Foster case is closed, Blair is determined to find out why.  What he learns when he unlocks some of the secrets of Jim's past sends them both on a cathartic journey as they work to come to terms with the 'missing pieces' of Jim's life together.  Gloria has written a compelling story of emotional trauma and healing that's not to be missed.


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Hi, just wanted to give you all a heads up on a wonderful new TS slash 'zine, Synergy 3.  I got one and two at MediaWest and *still* haven't read them, dang it.  At the time I just hadn't been in the mood for long stories (1 and 2 each contain two long stories and one short story) and then I forgot I had them until recently.  Uh, anyway....

Anyone who has read any posts from me probably knows I spoil.  A lot!  That's a warning!

So this 'zine contains three stories.  Separation Anxiety by Emrys pages 1 - 57, Danger and Daffodils by Tiger Tyger pages 58 - 125 and Missing Pieces by Gloria Ruggeri pages 126 - 189.

I haven't read Danger and Daffodils yet, because I left my house intending to go elsewhere to sit and read it and discovered it's a followup to "It's Not All Guns and Roses" which is in Synergy 1.  I tried to read it anyway, but it didn't work; one needs too much background from the first story apparently.  BTW, I read enough to know I really look forward to it!  Jim and Blair are fostering a couple of kids and the girl is a guide.  Don't know about the boy.

But even without having read that story I'm wholeheartedly recommending the 'zine.  It would have been worth my money just for the other two!

Missing Pieces is a wonderful Jim!angst, first-time story.  It takes place immediately after Remembrance and deals with Jim coming to terms with his father and the way he made him feel about his senses (and other things) as a child and young man.

Separation Anxiety is also a first time story. It's also a separation story.  I've noted that some people like to know that as kind of a warning, so I'm telling you! <G>  However, it's not painful; they aren't mad at each other or
kidnapped.  This takes place after SenToo,part2. Blair has to make the painful decision to go on an expedition in order to insure his future position at Rainier.  Just so you'll know, if separation is a big deal for you, it lasts from the end of page 25 to the end of page 46 (in their time: 6 months).  I'm not a big separation story fan myself, but I found this one very painless (for me, but poor ol' Jim....!).  Plus it was very interesting to read how the author interpreted a Sentinel/Guide Jim/Blair separation.

The color cover illo is from Barbara Nice-Miller; a composite of two screen grabs, a panther and a wolf.  A pencil sketch from Larrkin, which is very, very nice, graces the interior.

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