Title: Warriors


Author: Multi




Page Count: 214


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Suzan Lovett. Interior art by JH Hindman

Available From:  In Person Press - At Cons Only

Price:  $24.00 (US) * $27.00 (Canada) * $29.00 (Global)



Authors include: Rosalita, Callista Echo, James Walkswithwind, Tiger Tyger, Cara Chapel, April Valentine


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James Walkswithwind's story:
It's a very short snippet about a Universe where Jim's on a quest to kill everyone who's a criminal and Blair and Simon hide the bodies in order to keep Jim out of trouble. Finally Blair decides that - as nobody else can penetrate the Sentinel's defense-shields - he will have to kill him before Jim kills again. So he betrays Jim's trust....

The Brackett story:
A very well written story about Brackett trying to get his revenge by breaking the not yet formed bond between Sentinel and Guide. There are no warnings before this story (even though the author had opted to put up warnings to go with the story, they now are placed on the first page of the zine) Brackett succeeds in capturing Jim and rapes him - a lot of times, and makes Blair watch. I admit, I was put off by the story - I didn't feel the comfort (a "cementing the bond" after the rape) was enough and I had BIG problems reading about the detailed rape. There are some details in that story that still haunt me - and not in a good way. shudder! Guess that's just one of my squicks. I wish it had been warned, though.

Now onto the "gen" story!
Blair loses both legs in a car accident and that's one of my big squicks - permanent disability. I also don't see how there's going to be a "happy ending" to it other than explaining it as a "dream" or something like that. Also, the fact that Blair says to Jim (under the truck, injured) I love you , stay with me - isn't pre-slash for me as I would say that to any good friend in order to make him stay lucid at that time. (until the medics arrive) - so it's basically gen till now.

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This from April: Jim is raped in one of the stories, "Damnation" by Tiger Tyger. However, another story (two stories, actually) that will have a sequel (conclusions) in the next issue of the zine. My stories, "Phantom Pain" and "Phantom Pain - Jim" will have a third story that concludes the series in Warriors 2


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