Warriors 3


Title: Warriors 3


Author: Multi




Page Count: 214


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover and interior art by Virginia Sky

Available From:  In Person Press - At Cons Only

Price:  In Person Press - $24.00 (US) * $27.00 (Canada) * $29.00 (Global)



BROOK HENSON - "Bravo Zulu" -- Blair helps Jim cope with the aftermath of one last special OPS mission.)

JANE MAILANDER - "Silent Knight" -- Sir Blair has many merry songs and would rather embarrass his enemies than kill them ; brave Sir James does not know how to express his feelings for the younger knight.)

GARNET - "The Fallen Sky" -- Jim goes primal to save Blair's life -- and loses his job.)

ANNE LIGHT- "Virgin Sacrifice" -- Blair is troubled; he's worried that the honeymoon is over and that Jim is taking him for granted.)

AMANDA BRADLEY - "Too Many Shades of Grey" -- Jim fears he is being stalked by someone with high level clearance who has a grudge against him.)

ELLY DANIELS - "Freak Show" -- in the aftermath of Jim's kidnapping, Blair finds his own senses going out of control.)

CJ - "Hearts & Souls" -- Women murdered and their hearts cut out, a murderer who enjoys what he's being paid to do, a Sentinel out of control without his guide and a strange wolf hiding in the mountains....)

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Jane, Jane, Jane. I am awed.

I have had the very great and rare pleasure of reading (ah! but the experience deserves more than the weak description of 'reading'!) a story that makes me feel as if the purchase of a 'zine was more than worth the price, even if no other stories were contained in it. :-)

I'm sure the other stories are great, too, and I fully expect to be delighted further, I just haven't gotten that far yet. I'm just saying if by some quirk all the rest weren't to my particular tastes, I would still be very pleased to own the 'zine.

It wasn't even a long story, but so...full. The language was exquisite. Yeah, it was in English, LOL, but it carried me to another time and place with such success I could smell the warm closeness of the stable, and hear the rasp of the whetstone as it was drawn the length of the blade. Something as common to me as an orange became a rare jewel I had never experienced.  Blair's three treasured books seemed as awesome as the holdings of the Library of Congress.

And I loved the way 'our' Jim and Blair weren't just transported to another time and place, but how they *became* that time and place, doing the things that would be expected of men in this period, yet still retaining those qualities that make them the guys we love. They definitely weren't 90's guys in shining armor.

The story note in the ToC tells us it's an 'art interpretation' piece, and let me mention that the art work by Virginia Sky is another excellent reason to get this 'zine. It's a particularly moving piece, IMO.

As I read last night I found it utterly amazing how much Jim said without ever saying more than a few words (and I actually just now noted that the title of this piece is 'Silent Knight').  Incredible work, Jane. When I was about halfway through, I actually went back and checked just because I finally noticed Jim said very little, yet it *felt* like he had spoken pages of dialogue. (LOL! And, yes, he did say *something*, just not as much as I 'heard' through Jane's excellent writing. Blair heard lots, too. <G>)

Wonderful, exciting story. A truly fulfilling reading experience.

If I were fandom dictator, I would decree this story be placed on the net immediately so everyone could read it right away. <G> As it is, best I can do is humbly suggest you won't be sorry if you buy the 'zine.

(And, yeah, I am deliberately being vague as to what the story is actually about. <G>)

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